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My Gp has forced me to by diazepam from the streets to treat my anxiety

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I have suffered from anxiety as far as I can remember, the physical symptoms are increased heartbeat fear, dread feeling in my stomach sweaty hands, can’t answer the phone or door without panicking my self esteem is rock bottom, I have isolated myself to the point I don’t go out for fear of meeting people I have panic attacks feel I’m going to die, years ago my Gp gave me diazepam 5mg and suddenly I actually felt normal, I would take one or 2 a day sometimes none I would take one when I was heading for a full blown panic attack this wee tablet stopped it in its tracks I can’t explain the relief, my Gp suddenly stopped them said they could cause cancer, so I suffered I changed my Gp and she said we are not allowed to prescribe them anymore and gave me setralin which don’t help my anxiety at all, I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t put up with the anxiety so as a 62 year old grandmother I resorted to buying from the streets just so I feel normal enough to to visit my daughters without the fear of stuttering and feeling so tense I can hardly talk I look at the nhs website and it names diazepam as one of the best treatments for anxiety I blame my Gp for making me buy diazepam illegally instead of carrying out her duty of care and prescribing me diazepam to help me live a normal life without suffering . I want to write to the BMC to ask why she cannot prescribe them .

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hey I would be changing practice or at least go to another doctor.dont be buying them from the streets they are lethal,

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Thankyou for your reply I know it’s wrong to buy them from the streets iv already changed my Gp I explained all my symptoms and she just said no we don’t prescribe them anymore, I got so bad I felt my throat was closing up with tension thought I was going to die, I bought them and I was normal again I told my Gp I buy them she just ignored me I already know people who get them prescribed so what she says is not true . I am scared of what I’m buying but if my Gp ignores my cries for help there are other doctors in the surgery I will try ask one of them, it will take me weeks to get myself able to call Gp

I can relate to a lot of what you are going through and was on tranquillisers for some time I have been able to get off them but it's difficult when you feel so stressed. You need to find a doctor who can talk to you and get you the help you need. We are supposed to be living in a more understanding society when our mental health is out in the open and talked about keep trying various doctors in your practice or change doctors again.

You need help hope you can find the strength to reach out for it and I sincerely wish you luck in your quest to find it.

Good luck all the best x

Some of the earlier medication have been withdrawn and other have restricted use. Where they are used over short periods only not near continuous use. Your Doctors must feel you will gain benefit from the change you have described.

If you are concerned, check on the medication list on the NHS or look for another site that describes the drug and its uses and if it is red listed Just enter the name of the drug on google etc, you will get an explanation on these pages.

Whatever you do I would advise not purchasing this medication on questionable sites, you could get a batch that is questionable and cause problems with your Health

Let us know how you get on ?.


I totally understand your pain am whilst you feel shame I’m sure many can relate I in the past had a huge problem with a doctor who refused my oramorph that I’d been in for years for flare ups of pain. At the time I was in a severe flare up crying on the phone to him and he said I was crying like an alcoholic who couldn’t have his beer so basically calling me a drug addict. I put in a complaint and changed doctors but I was in so much pain at the time I 2 resorted to buying it from “the streets” in fact a week known motorcycle club who my bf is close to a number of the members. This only happened once as I changed doctors she was disgusted by my last doctor and put me back on all my original meds that he had complained about including my oramorph. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t be ashamed we’re built with a flight or fight response so we naturally look for ways to help ourselves but the best way forward is to change doctors and explain everything to your new doctor. Pills in the street can be very dangerous and u may not let’s get what u think your buying.

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Sorry I’ve got medication brain so after reading some of that back it makes no sense haha you have to read between the lines to work out what word I actually meant rather than what I wrote ( this coming from someone who writes for a profession) it’s a good job this site isn’t a test of my abilities as when I’m texting I use slang, no punctuation and make it difficult to read 😂🙈😂🙈

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I remember my sister who is disabled with severe osteoarthritis having a bad flare up and being in immense pain. I spoke to the doctor who insisted she needed to sit up and take her pain meds. I kept telling she couldn't as all she could do was lie still moaning in pain. I told the doctor she hadn't been able to even go to toilet for 16 hours! Despite that the doctor wasn't listening until I said that if she wasn't given something stronger like oramorph, then I would have to get her into hospital. She got oramorph.

I know exactly what you are going through and hope we can get the medication we need I’m 69 with the same problem I can’t be still, the fear is awful and yes diazepam does work

Not all doctors are the same,it may take a bit to find the right fit for u, BUT nows the time to take a bad situation and make it positive...for ur own health.

Buying off the street...could cause u more problems...mainly being arrested and possible jail time.At that point..u may get no meds.

Plus..u can land up with a med that will send u to the hospital.

I wish u the best and hope u find a doctor who can help you.

As has been mentioned, they can still be prescribed for anxiety, but the guidelines are normally only use in the short term.

It's harsh if you know it helps you, and have been using it long term.

That is so sad. I cannot understand the logic in a dr. taking away a patient's medication that is helping them to feel better. Stupidity!

Bless you, I’m having issues with my gp practise too , I was given 2mg 3 times daily for a neck problem ,but I found this magic effect on anxiety I felt normal .The gp cut it completely after 3 months and I was a mess , confused , depressed and forgetful and in a lot of pain I was lucky they were given back to me due to a scan showing I wasn’t lying about neck pain ( had a severe herniated disk , although 2 years on

They are now trying to take them away again I was taking 4 x2mg instead of 3 do my best to take 3 now ,

i too tried a street 1 , 2 years ago but found it wasn’t the same as the chemist version , street 1 gave me a headache , so god knows what was in them i luckily saw a nicer gp , although I know il get mine taken away again soon and that in itself causes more stress than I had in the 1st place

I won’t ever buy them again

From the street Please be careful as anything could be in them x

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