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Mental health problem

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Im currently experiencing some weird thoughts they come and go when ever I'm out and about out side when i walk past people in my head I'm punching them and being violent but in real life I'm Doing nothing iv told my doctor but dont seem to be getting anywhere other than a mental hospital referral any ideas on what i could have

11 Replies
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Hi it sounds like you could have some anger issues which you suppress. Does this ring a bell with you? x

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Sounds like "intrusive thoughts" perhaps?

Assuming you find these thoughts disturbing and would have no wish to actually do such a thing.

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Hello Rhino03z and welcome to this community. Sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing at the moment. It is good that you have discussed it with your doctor and that you have been referred to a mental health professional. Keep talking to us here and we will try to support you as best we can.

Best Wishes

MAS Nurse & Moderator

Watching or listening to violent people could have triggered this, calm yourself down and surround youself with calming, relaxing people and thoughts.

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Hi, have you hurt someone in the passed physically? If so this could be one of the problems, almost as if your brain is replaying something that happened in the passed. If something like that did happen in the passed you need to accept what you did and try to not let it effect your present. Some meditative periods through out the day could help you cope and have peace of mind.

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Hi no not hurt anyone in the passed its not just bad things what plays a part its good things aswell like if im going into a room in my head iv walked in the wrong room but clearly i havent

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I have random thoughts all the time. Why is that? I dont know. I am an infj-t if you know anything about personality types. We tend to think alot. I think about everything and anything. I'll probably be thinking of what you will reply with after this...maybe even at points throughout my day if I don't see a reply soon( no pressure btw )🤣This is my case though b/c noone is the same right? Anyhow I get unwanted thoughts like family members gettinggn in accidents or me going crazy falling back into depression or so after ive gotten out of it essentially. Sometimes but rarely I may get teary eyed ic its too vivid for me. These are involuntary? I'm very curious if it has to do with our subconscious mind as I'm very curious about that and the way people think and feel. You know the WHY's. My negative thoughts may include I wish blank is gone even myself and I quickly say God forbid that.. I dont wish that on anybody. I ESPECIALLY dont wish death on anybody.. I would even befriend my past bullies if I could... Is it anything like this. for you too? I dont research it like that but when I do I really can just search and search about the human mind cause I dont get mine half the time lol

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Take a look at this page, flower. It will put your mind at ease.

I experience this too. It can be desperately upsetting.

It is called malevolence OCD as I recall, or hurt OCD. It is for this reason that in all these years, I have not been able to properly kiss my kids goodnight as I will not go in their room while they are asleep. They always kiss me before they go up.

At night, I move things out of the room if I think they are a potential weapon. I won't sleep with scissors in the room for example. I am more likely to hug someone than ever hurt them but the thoughts are harmful only if you pay attention to them.

I have lived with this for many, many years and it started when I was a teenager. I would be just walking by someone, and in my mind, I would have punched them in the face, called them obscene names, stole from them....usually it is the worst thing in that situation, so if it is a person who is non white, I will think I am going to shout racist slurs, if it is a child, or an elderly person, then I think I am going to harm them because they are vulnerable, if it is a man, then I think I am going to do something sexually inappropriate.... I once lost 2 days of my life because I walked by a security man who was removing cash from an ATM machine in one of those fancy boxes. I was convinced that I had taken the money. I even listened and looked out for myself on the news. I was so upset and I told my dad, as I was only young at the time and he laughed and said, 'well where did you stash the money?'. I laughed and it made me realise how silly I was being but at the time, I was literally waiting for someone to knock at the door. The mind is very powerful.

When I go to my kid's plays, I literally feel like I am going to stand up and shout something about the play being crap. Absolutely nothing is happening in my reality. It is all just in my head and is completely foreign to my real nature, but it can make me want to stay home some days when it gets on top of me. I will ask for my partner to remain with me and at the end of evenings, ask if everything was okay and if I said or did anything wrong.

When I was younger, I used to go to church and I would have all these horrible things in my head and it made me so upset because they were so intrusive and against what I really thought. I now know that this is a form of OCD and that it is also based around intrusive thoughts. It is kind of like spam in your brain. If you walk by me, you will see me fold my arms or raise my hands up to my face so that they are out of the way. It is not nice but it has helped a lot to know more about this condition and why it happens.

The fact is, everyone gets these thoughts!!! BUT people who have some OCD issues will worry more about the world around them, and their brains are more switched on so we take notice of things more and also take notice of things we think about.

Other people might think something horrible and random, and just shake it out of their heads, while we might obsess over the thought simply because we are worried that we are bad for thinking it.

Hope the page helps you and hope my honesty also helps you. It's not nice to admit the things that we think about but the truth is, we all think random, horrible things sometimes and it is important not to try to justify them or give them too much attention because they are just brain spam, except when you have this kind of OCD, our filters don't work so well.

Take care and thanks for sharing your experiences.

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What you describe is what I feel like quite a lot of the time. My images are so real that I laugh out sometimes because I have quickly replayed it in my head. I sometimes have voices though who might say push her say it go on just do it and I e managed not to react mostly.

What do you do to stop yourself

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I also have harm ocd, it's absolutely terrifying. I suffer from severe depression, with thoughts of ending my life, I'm sat at home at the moment, in my parents house, and know that there is no way out of here without hurting anyone. I can't stop those thoughts and they are terrifying. I've been to hospital and been sectioned. I sometimes think its better off if I'm not here, so that I don't/can't harm anyone. I've been divorced and have 3 kids which live with my ex wife as when our marriage broke down i had a severe psychotic breakdown and threatened to kill everyone. Obviously i didn't but the fact i voiced those thoughts, had me sectioned. I'm back home now under the care of my parents who both know that I don't want to live anymore. I've as much told them that. I often wonder I'f it's selfish to end my life when i have family, I don't have any plans to end my ife, though my mental illnesses make me want to, I'm scared of what's on the other side in all honesty, it's a bitch cause there isn't anyway out of here without hurting anyone. I'm tired of living but soo scared to do anything about it. So I'm trapped here. Fked either way, damned if i do and damned if i dont. I hallucinate daily and it takes all my willpower to get through the day, when in reality I go to bed hoping not to wake up, but I do. Same old sht different day. I suffer from Acute Stress Reaction, all I want to do is runaway, but there's no where to run. I't terrifying when you're trapped in your own mind. I've had several near attempts, walked up and down railway platforms, sat staring at the sea, peered over 350ft cliff edges, just trying to work up the courage, but I can't seem to do it, It's utter misery for me, and it's utter misery for my family. I'm not living anymore, I'm just existing for others benefit, but at the same time, I'm scared of not exisiting at all. So I'm trapped here. Definitely an existential crises. What's the point of living, if we just die anyway? Just want to pick myself up and run away, but you can't run away from yourself can you? centerforanxietydisorders.c...

Hi , I have these thoughts when Im hyper and i start to feel super agitated. It's because Ive been sucker punched a few times when i was younger (some deserving)

so im super sensitive to people outside.

when i feel like this I go and skate it off instead of getting consumed with over thinking bad stuff. I do hurt myself abit but self harm from skateboarding is acceptable to the cmht and i don't mind a slam.

If you feel like roaring, get it out by doing some exercise in your least destructive way.

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