Mental health team failimg

hi I feel like I'm getting worse and just being left to suffer,I've been signed off work I feel so isolated .i feel my anxiety made me get sighed offf I dont have any friends or family to go out with and all the mental health team have done is phone uo and ask do you want to be discharged or do you want to wait may for group twork shop or six months for counselling.i feel so isolated and no purpose to get up for in the mornings,I've just been left to suffer and clearly afe getting worse.

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  • Hi annymonous

    You're not alone on that! The mental health teams have changed their remit in my area anyway! If anyone needs help they have to phone up, speak to the person on duty, which is different every time!

    There's no such thing as support long term, it's all short term which may be 1-2 visits if at all & then it's basically get on with it! They say the funding & staff just aren't there! I lost both my CPN & psychiarust at the same time last August with no replacement! It was 3 months later when I needed support & phoned up they realised they should have contacted me, but the support I that should have been offered the Woman was off sick & if I hadn't phoned they wouldn't have contacted me even by now!

    It can be really can be difficult to get any support! I have to get up look after my cats! Do you have any pets or could you get a pet? It would be company & a reason to get out of bed, to love you & be loved by! Just a thought!?! I know it's hard to be off work & on your own! Could you find a group or do an activity that you might like! I'm not trying to make you do anything, but have you checked on the internet or your local library for groups that might be in your area? You never know what's happening til you look!

    Sorry you're suffering so much! My Thoughts & Prayers are with you! Warm Wishes spykey🤗

  • hi spikey thankyou for your reply I have a dog yes hes lovely but I've had no energy to go.putbof my room to see him.i will.have a look at library,I've applied for so.many jobs its just so hard being signed off yet again xi was fighting to be at work xx

  • Hi annynonmous

    It's Good that you have a dog, who could easily become a companion to you, you can talk to him & receive totally unconditional love back for free & he will be there whenever you need him!

    It might be a good habit to get into walking him for say 30 mins an hour before you would normally be going to work, and maybe 10-20 mins after when you would normally be coming home from work?!?

    The reason I am making this suggestion is because you want to get back to either your current job or another job! You say you have no energy, walking your dog will help you to gain your energy back that you need! Taking responsibility for the job could help you to be less anxious, increase your general fitness, stamina & positive adrenaline flowing through your body!

    Being in your room all the time is not helping you feel anyone, especially not you! I really truly know how you feel! I know it's hard, but you're a fighter, I can tell that by your posts!

    You can & Will Get Through theses difficult times! Gaining inner strength will make you stronger to cope & stand up for yourself if & when you go back to your job! It's got to be worth a a try surely?!?

    Take Lots of Care. spykey🤗

  • Hello,don't feel too surprised at the lack of medical support. Despite the NHS having a lot of dedicated and caring people there's not enough money and mental health services are the poor relations. However you don't have to despair at this . Like all of us you have someone who cares about you as much as is humanly possible-yourself. By that I mean that your own courage and resolution are the most important resource and will be your biggest asset and best friend. Isolation and no friends or family are awful but you have YOU and this forum and hopefully that will be enough even if things do get worse , although I hope they don't. At the end of the day all humans are alone trapped in that round thing between your shoulders.

    Suffering is part of the human condition but luckily you won't be asked to suffer what people suffered in say the Middle Ages or even as recently as WW2 and since.have had to suffer. Tens of thousands ,maybe millions have come through what you are suffering and have come through the other side to happiness again, maybe to then suffer yet again before becoming happy again ad infinitum. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying its easy, but its easier than trial by ordeal (Middle Ages ) or being sent along with your dependants to a nazi death camp.

    Have patience with the overstretched NHS : help will come ,but until it does, as I say don't despair, message us, and summon up your own courage and resolution.

    These are not the ravings of a lunatic but advice from someone going through much of what you are experiencing. I know the good times will come again for both you and me.


  • hi olderal thankyou for your reply your absolutely right xx

  • Hi I can relate to you as I have just been discharged by the mental health team as they say Im not in crisis now. Ive been signed off work and feel like im getting worse with nothing to get up for, i feel isolated and havent had the motivation to even get dressed today, you are not on your own which probably doesnt help much

  • hi George,thankyou I was trying so hard not to get signed off,this is the third Tim since last June ,work probably won't even want me back as its happened again.ive been wesrjng the same clothes since Tuesday ai t hot up.gad a wash or brushed my teeth or anything,thankyou sending you hugs xx

  • thank you, work is such a pressure especially if your on your own i dont think they cant not have you back. Mine have been ok i just feel i cant cope with it, i dont feel the medication im on is helping, sending you hugs x

  • Hi annonymous, there are some things that only you can do to help. I know they are not easy but getting up and washed and cleaning the teeth won't make you better but they will make you feel a bit (only a bit but every little helps) better. Not easy but not impossible either.

    Big webhug Olderal

  • I feel exactly the same I was always sad emotional medicine wasn't helping at all I feel,I've applied for retail but its so hard to get into that trade xx

  • Hi.

    Lovely advice from Spykey.

    Firstly, don't sign yourself off from the mental health team; wait for the services; its ridiculous re the long wait, but maybe the group treatment will help; its a pity the one to one therapy is so short these days. Its not acceptable but there is nothing we can do about it.

    You say you havnt been washing/changing clothes lately . This is a slippery slope and can be hard to get out of. Try to set yourself some small goals maybe. For example, this evening take the dog out for a long walk to the park. Later on tonight have a relaxing bath/ pick out a good movie to watch; a comedy; these can help to cheer you up, even if its temporary.

    Tomorrow try to think of something you may like to do, a hobby. I know it can be very hard, when you start to lose interest in things, but you say you do want to do something. So, how about contacting the mental health team again; they may have some connections which can help you maybe start to do something, but with less hours? Something voluntary perhaps?

    Its tough and you have my empathy.

    Re medication; how about requesting this is looked at again; i don't know if you are on any now, but maybe a change is in order.


  • hi thankyou everyone forb your great advice it helps to know I'm not alone,my Dr thinks tho should be the end off the road with this job for my health xive applied for supermarket jobs,I have a big decision to make whether to quit tho job for health reasons or go back and put out xx

  • I'm sorry to her this I fell the same my family and friends don't exist anymore I was under mental health team they didn't do much just called to c if I was ok

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