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Has anyone had issues with mental health and balance issues and slurred speech I think that I have been seriously depressed stressed and anxious and has possibly caused me a breakdown

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symptoms you describe can be associated with a number of conditions.

These include vitamin and mineral deficiencies - such as folate and B12 deficiency - symptoms are very similar but folate tends to come on quite quickly and B12 deficiency takes years and even decades to develop. B12 deficiency is extremely difficult to diagnose correctly as the tests are very difficult to interpret.

they can also be associated with migraines and other conditions


As I have coeliac disease and I didn’t follow the diet I could have had vitamin deficiencies it’s a hard one to pin point


coeliac's is a condition that can lead to multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Unfortunately GPs tend not to be aware of just how much impact deficiencies - particularly B12 deficiency can have.

Think it may be worth asking your GP to do a full blood panel if not done already.

You may find this forum useful


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Your right about gp’s not aware of coeliac and I’ll try and get blood test done thanks for the link I’ll check it out and thanks again for the advice


Like Gambit62 there is an epidemic occurring because of misdiagnosis,drugs are given for all symptoms denying the causes.Low vitamin B12d & folate causes nerve damage, mental health &,cardio vascular disorders, Anaemia. Ask for serum & active Vit B12,vit D,folate,iron,ferritin,zinc,rbc magnesium,thyroid function.View videos on b12awareness.org for cases of misdiagnosis.Below 500 b12 needs supplements now.

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