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Mental Health: Speak Out

Hi all!

I am currently doing a project to put mental health in the public eye through photography. As someone who deals with depression and other problems everyday, I'd like to know some of your personal issues?

What do people say to you that you wish they wouldn't? ("You're just being sensitive" that's sort of thing)

What word would you use to describe your mental health, as if you were describing it if it was to form into a person? ("Dark, misunderstood")?

This would really help me with my project as I want people to understand that it is a problem and it is a form of illness that people deal with constantly. Any thoughts or ideas.

By commenting please note that i will be using some of these as quotes but you will remain anonymous and your privacy will be protected.

Stay well x

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It happens all the time when i'm explaining to someone why I reacted the way I did, they will say 'OH yeah I get stressed and nervous too'. I know their trying to relate but lets be honest thats bullsh*t, being stressed and having crippling anxiety are NOT the same thing. Misunderstood is a great word to sum up mental health as a whole but if I'm being specific I think the best way to describe my mental health is unexpected. I hope this helps!

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This really does thank you so much for your input! Sorry to hear that though! Anxiety is a real kick in the teeth, I think people just think it's feeling nervous and that's it... again Thankyou! :)


Hi Tillz14, I find that even when people mean well, they end up saying that somehow it is a choice to stop being depressed. the classics are "if you think positive you will feel better" or "a healthy diet and exercise will make you better". I also agree with Daisy that they try to belittle your issues by saying that everyone feels down sometimes and stressed, but that you have to just get on with things. It is really disheartening to be told that your "condition" is a choice you have made. That if you just "stop feeling sorry for yourself" it will go away. I sometimes describe my depression as a person who follows you everywhere and reminds you to not trust anyone, to always remember that everyone is lying, playing a trick on you and you should protect yourself against them and not fall for their lies. Another way I sometimes describe my depression, or rather my limited social energy, is like (bear with me on this one) you know the kind of glass domes you see in movies under water, like a futuristic settlement, well imagine that my depression is that bubble and I am in it where ever I go, like a hamster ball. I am alone in there as only I can enter it. All the rest of the world is under water. I can take a deep breath and walk though the wall and into the world, but inevitably, I have will run out of breath and need to come back into my bubble. I can enjoy the time outside, but only for bits at a time. It is like a haven and a prison at the same time. I can't live in the world like others, I need to withdraw and regain my strength. I know it is a bit weird, but this is how I visualise it. Hope that helps! Take Care and good luck with the project!


Wow! Couldn't have said it any better! You chose a perfect way to describe your depression, it's good that you have a firm idea of your situation and you are aware of it! Thank you so much for sharing! x


I’m really glad you’re doing this project, as you do still come across so many people who seem to think this is a choice & just have no idea how serious it really is, there is still a stigma. Totally agree with what Daisy2001 & Dragon tears have said. I’ve been told sometimes you have to just get on with it, maybe buy yourself something to cheer yourself up, I’ve been told I’m an emotional thing, called sensitive & a manager actually said to me what’s wrong now? You can imagine how much worse all of those make you feel!

If I were to describe my depression in one word as if it were a person I’d struggle to pick one but it’d be between cruel, unpredictable, relentless, heavy & dark. So many words I could pick.

My biggest problem is when it stops me from getting to work cos then it’s a vicious circle of reprecussions all of which make me feel worse: won’t get paid, worried I’ll get fired, embarrassed about what people at work must think & just the fact it’s happening to me again. Some mornings I wake up & it’s just this awful heaviness, I can feel like I’m coming down with flu, sometimes I feel so weak & weighed down I don’t even feel well enough to have a shower let alone make the short journey to work. I’ve even confused it with a physical illness only to realise it’s my depression back again. I can try pushing myself so hard I feel like I’m gona have a heart attack, sometimes you are simply too ill. Sometimes I’m so tearful or anxious I can’t do social things either & it’s so disappointing when it’s something you’ve been looking forward to & genuinely want to do but you just can’t face it. Then I’m faced with the decision of do I make some illness up or admit the truth.

Thank you for asking for our input with the project, I hope it goes really well for you :)

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Thank you for your reply, sorry I have been away from the site for a while! Great input! Definitely understand what you mean and will it's very helpful!


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