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Hi there everyone! Hope all is well with you today!

I made this post on the interesting

community and thought it could help you too. In the context of this forum, while biologies vary I would like to emphasise not to worry too much about foods etc having caused previous nervous injury (perhaps with the exception of hard drugs or some older medicaments) you can always look into chelation though science does say that some problems might be hard to @measure@. I would suggest caution with some medicines containing bromine flourine iodine chlorine or heavy metals such as lithium etc. Chem is maddening lol :)

Quote continues:

Wow what a wide ranging comment! I would suggest Vitamin D + Calcium and a daily seaweed supplement as a start. 5-HTP and L-Theanine may be helpful perhaps I'm not sure I would say there are needfully effective. Omega 3 is a wierd one there is a debate seems that one omega might be harmful another may not be (6 I think!). Green tea might be good but not in extract form. erm - avoid marge and poly fats. Hawthorne and goji and especially Schisandra and other (I forget the word something like poly diversly bioeffective foods or drugs) things should help. Ashwagandha is another example (haldi can be ok).


You may find it helpful to watch your water and maybe filter it or use spring or carbonated water. I found to be honest that I got a 30 day supply of GI Secure and it was REALLY ** effective. It was a sample looks like it is out now. I would link it look for Probiotic GI you should find it is available (finally!).

Other things that should help - make sure you sleep well and have a good bed - back straight sort of thing stretches and keeping a clear head (don't like to define that really it's just about relaxati).

Foods like cheese (?) chicken and cacao can lift a mood though be careful you don't want to assume you need these regularly?

Take care best wishes any questions let us know.

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Strange - I always thought that Lithium was the lightest metal. Certainly not classed as heavy.

in reply to Dopeymine

Fair point. I don't know how much chem you've done things can be metal or halide etc (left oh right of the periodic table) and heavy or light (lithium [eek]; lead, mercury, aluminium, gold [bad], chromium, titanium, manganese), the reactivity matters as well as the ease at which they might be (or not? erk) dispelled. So yes it may be light but like flourine, it's highly reactive so I would suggest it's a silly thing to ingest could once sane.

If you eat a normal diet then extra vitamins and supplements aren't required. There can be dangers involved in over dosing on these. For example too much vitamin D can cause liver damage.

If you have a medical issue then the best thing to do it follow your doctors advice and let her/him prescribe anything required. You also need to let them know if you are taking prescription meds as well as these could interact. x

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