How the Gut Microbiodome influences mental & physical health

Posted this some months ago on the PTSD forum & wanted to share on this one.

Having experienced PTSD & cocurrent depression for almost 30 years, I dropped all meds & went on a journey to heal holistically almost 10 years ago.

So many of us have food allergies / digestive problems that we may think are unrelated to our psychological conditions. Much research has come out showing that the 2 are more related than originally thought.

This is an excellent article. Hope it helps.

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  • I have come across Dr Mercola from another site and to be honest I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He is far from unbiased as he makes a fortune from selling health 'cures'. The following is what Wikipedia says about him.

    'He has been criticized by business, regulatory, medical, and scientific communities. A 2006 BusinessWeek editorial stated his marketing practices relied on "slick promotion, clever use of information, and scare tactics."[3] In 2005, 2006, and 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Mercola and his company to stop making illegal claims regarding his products' ability to detect, prevent, and treat disease.[7] The medical watchdog site Quackwatch has criticized Mercola for making "unsubstantiated claims [that] clash with those of leading medical and public health organizations and many unsubstantiated recommendations for dietary'

  • Cough I totally agree with you. When I saw his name Dr.Mercola, I definitely would not trust him or his money making empire.

    Hannah l

  • Photogeek - The real money making empires are the pharmaceutical giants that produce & promote 'antidepressants' (along with many other meds) for anyone & everyone, irrespective of their actual effectiveness & dangerous side effects.

    The body has the capacity to heal itself , & so does the mind. The diet can have a tremendous influence on both.

    Try to read the article with an open mind, & see if there is any info that may be helpful to you.

    Thanks for your response.

  • Coughalot2- I understand where you are coming from in terms of being distrustful of the source of the info, but there is nothing in the article(that I remember) that promotes his products. & personally I do not take any of his products.

    Most of the info that is in the article falls in line with research that is already out there.

    Antidepressant medications were never proven to work for most people, yet they are given out like candy by most practitioners. Many people find themselves on multiple meds while still fighting for their physical & mental health. Why aren't these doctors who promote these meds on quack watch themselves? Doctors get incentives for prescribing drugs as well. The long term use of many these meds cause a multitude of other disorders such as diabetes & dementia to name a few.

    Try reading the article with an open mind & determine for yourself if any of the info is of use rather than bash the messenger.

    Thanks for your response.

  • Chances are the AMA and Big Pharma is what is behind a lot of the criticism... they have done this to other dr's...such as Dr Weil and Dr Oz... who have probably HELPED more people than SO many doctors with all their chemicals and Rx's....

    The FDA is good friends with Monsanto.... it helps to keep that in mind...

  • Hi X23 I think you need to be careful of saying negative things about Antidepressants and the Medical profession too. Lots of people on this site are on Antidepressants and trust their Dr. And your Post could influence a vulnerable person to stop taking their Meds.

    I can't agree with your Post as it's quite biased and I think all this " Big pharma" stuff is an overreaction.

    I do understand you mean well with your first post, but I have seen Dr. Mercolas stuff and would not trust him at all.


  • Hannah,

    As a 17 year medical professional myself, my statements on pharma are based on clinical observations as well as personal , including research, as opposed to bias.

    But let's get something clear, whether or not a person decides to stop taking their meds? is up to them. What harm is there in influencing someone when you're speaking the truth?

    My personal opinion on this?

    I am allowed to state my personal opinion on this forum I hope-

    Forwarning to anyone easily influenced.

    If the meds don't work, what's the point in taking them if they can cause long term problems(resulting in the need for more meds) after long term use?

    Why hang onto the lie that popping pills year after year is gonna make people better when some only continue to feel worse, until their next 'adjustment' ?

    Let's state the facts

    antidepressants, as well as ALL pharmaceuticals in general- carry risk.

    It is up to each person to be informed about those risks, as well as the possibility that the treatment may not even work in the first place, & decide for themselves.

    How many people actually take the time to look at their package inserts, or do the research ?

    Lots of people trust their Doctors, of course. But doctors can be wrong . We all can be. We all have been.

    The medical establishment has a track record for being wrong over the decades for many things, & the long term use of pharmaceuticals for depression could be no different.

    If you would like to carry this conversation further, please email me directly.

    Thank you for your input.

  • Hi I wouldn't for one moment doubt more natural remedies and I am sure some of them work. I think vitamins etc. can be very useful if you can't get all your vitamin requirements from your diet, or you medically suffer from a lack of eg vitamin B12 or something.

    However this doctor promotes and twists the evidence round to try and sell his cures for financial gain. You saw what I printed off from Wikipedia. He also claims he can cure cancer with vitamin D. Have a google to find out more. Like I said I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.

    There is lots of other research about this out there which is less biased and with no monetary gain involved. x

  • If you look at the bottom of this article you would see that it lists 31 independent sources & references to other articles including research- supporting the above posted.

    It's a very informative article. Sorry to see your bias prevented you from learning from it.

  • Interesting link thanks Goldish. x

  • Not at all. I am sorry that your bias leads you to believe it regardless of the evidence against. Like I said I am not against alternate healthing methods, but I would use a more reputable site to get my information.

    It's entirely up to you whether you believe in Mercola or not. x

  • I made some adjustments to the food i eat and the meds i take ((((after discussing with my gp))))) and i feel much better than i did

  • Thank you for your response. It's always nice to meet others who won't let willful ignorance hinder them from making positive changes to improve their health.

  • Well i have a lung disease which affects me a lot both psychically and mentally and the hospital had me on a high calorie diet just for me to gain weight but i felt awful all the time then i came across some information about high alkaline diets and changed my eating habits.

    Since ive done that i feel so much better , i feel alert , i have more energy, my moods are nowhere near as low as they were and its even shown an improvement in my lung health in my test results at the hospital ...My consultant actually asked me what i had been doing and said to carry on

    As i was feeling so well i had a chat with my GP about some medications i was on and she was happy for me to stop taking some of them which i did and im doing well without them.

    Obviously i would never suggest anyone stop taking there meds and some people will always need them but i would certainly encourage everyone to eat a healthy diet and see if it helps. There are too many foods out there that we eat that are simply not good for us.

    There was a program on the tv again the other night talking about us using oils to cook with and these oils heated at a high temperature are seriously bad for us. They produce cancer causing toxins and we shouldn't be cooking with them but if you read the information on the bottles the only thing it says is dont pour hot oil back into the bottles...This is common knowledge now about these oils and Its about time these food companies took responsibility they should at least have a warning on their products and give us the information but its all about the profit

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