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Feel lost

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I was a vibrant, enthusiastic and confident person till I lost my job five weeks ago. I have sunk into watching catch up TV with the curtains closed. I have isolated myself, and if I could I would end my life, but I wouldn't leave my son. I am seeing my GP on Wednesday as I need to start on an anti depressant. My head feels numb, and even the smallest thing is a huge effort.

I am so alone x

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Hello Cat16

Thank you for your post. I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. This has obviously been a very harsh time. You are doing the right thing to see the GP. Please tell your doctor how you feel when you go on Wednesday.

Could you share more about the circumstances you are in ?

You are obviously a positive person, so do take heart that you are doing the right thing and will move forward with your life. How old is your son?

Our members are very supportive so may have some advice or help for you.

There are topics and pinned posts that might have more information.

The charity MIND at mind.org has a helpline

0300 123 3393.

The Samaritans are there with a freephone helpline 24 hrs a day. 116123

There are also crisis helplines in the pinned posts.

Do let us know how you are.

Best wishes


See your GP Wednesday, make a list of your concerns and explain you have lost your Job and this is making you depressed

Five weeks is a longish time, have you been to the Job Centre and Registered. Generally the longer you are of and out of work the more depressed you will feel so it is important you start looking for work as soon as possible. The problem at this time is you are so near to Christmas you may have problems finding work until the New Year.

Yes medications can level the mood however they can also dull down concentration so you need to move on as quick as possible. Hopefully without AD.

Over the Christmas, New Year period you will hopefully be able to divert your thoughts. If you still have problems look for diversions you enjoy to keep your mood positive.

We are however here to give support, good luck for Wednesday


Hello Cat16,

I have been in that place myself on several occasions. It is a difficult time and it is hard to reboot yourself. If you need to talk, drop me a line and I will be happy to chat.

I can, occasionally, reboot myself by making a "mini-todo list". I put down the very simple things I need to do to get going, i.e.

1. Turn off TV

2. Stand up

3. Open Curtains

4. Wash my face

5. Clean my teeth

6. Sit down for 2-3 mins to rest - but not where I was sitting before

7. Tidy up for 5 mins

8 Rest for a couple of mins

I sometimes find that doing this will get me going again., even it is just for half an hour before I collapse again and then I try it again later in the day

Hope you feel way, and well done for being honest about how you feel

Sorry to hear about your hardship...your're actually not alone, you have your son, BUT, I know what mean...you feel like you have no support..going to the Dr's is a good thing, hopefully you have a good relationship with him/her? Be honest with your feelings, and let them know exactly how you feel, or maybe you don't, numb? The fact you lost your job must have a lot to do with it..try not to isolate as hard as it is, depression zaps you of motivation..wishing you all the best, a positive visit at the Doc's...take care of yourself..

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