I feel totally lost

Hi I'm Louise there's times I feel totally lost I try n put my feelings down on paper but it's never easy I have everything going round in my head what's happened to me n I can't seem to push what I'm feeling to one side n move on iv been raped beaten by someone cheated on by my ex partner n it just seems like I can't move on from it n I really want to I never want to feel this way it's destroying me I want so much try n be happy iv no one to talk with witch does not help me

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  • Hi Louise

    You need to see someone who can help you. Its really important. These things don't go away unless you deal with them. They get worse. Your doctor will give you all the advice and references you will need to find help. Abuse is serious, it can mess you up in all kinds of ways.

    I sincerely hope you go for help before it eats you up any more.

    All the best

  • Louise,referring to your post before this talk of snapping out of depression is for those who have n't suffered from it. You will come out of this depression and when you start to feel better it will quite quickly get better every day but there is no magic wand that can suddenly snap you out of it.

    You sound as if you've had some horrible experiences which only time and some counselling if possible will heal. You won't be able to just push those feelings to one side and move on immediately but in time you will be able to. It would I think help to confront what happened by talking through it. If there is no one (family or a close friend ) you feel you can do this with then someone you don't know maybe able to offer you counselling and it may be easier to talk to them.

    I would see your GP who should know what counselling services are available and should be able to refer you to them. Don't try and face all this alone. Just seeing your GP and talking to them will make you feel less alone and that you have started to do something positive to help yourself, but for anyone who's been through what you've been through to sort it all on your own is too much to ask. You will find time a great healer anyway but in my opinion you should try and speed that up with some sympathetic support from your GP and counselling.


  • Thank you all for your reply I think your right I do need to chat with someone like a counser iv spoke before about it but never kept it going I don't have no friends to talk with witch makes it even hard to be honest that's what I have been doing trying to forget but it doesn't always work like that the only reason I have not been to g p because I been to scared to speak about it again

  • Hi Louise

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