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I feel lost

I dont know what to do. I am currently in the military, recently i have been told i have bipolar, medication and therapy does nothing i feel trapped, ill be discharged soon which will leave me and my family homeless and jobless. I 'wake up' every day at 5 am and dont sleep till midnight, money is piling up and up and i just feel like theres only one way out. I dont know why im writing this nothings going to change

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You can't get any help from your government?


Hello and welcome to this site charliew95. This is a very supportive community, maybe some of our members will be able to offer support and information especially if they have been in the forces themselves. Can you tell us some more about your situation, have you been in contact with any associations in civvy street, your bank etc. There is help out here, I know things are hard at the moment but if you can talk with some one it will be easier. Also as you start to sort out some issues you should find that you will sleep better. Can some of our members help please? Have you been in a similar situation?



Have you heard of SSAFA its a Service men's Charity look it up and contact them

MIND as well

I know you feel nothing will improve but it will you have to take the first step


Have you served abroad in conflict? Do you think you could have PTSD? I have done research on PTSD with vets. Basically because I have a thyroid disorder and my symptoms were similar to what the vets were saying they felt like. Many situations for 'soldiers' (eg vaccines, trauma of what they saw, etc) can cause endocrine disorders. Please google endocrine.... it's a body system not many people know about but it's an absolutely vital body system that has to be healthy for someone to feel well. The symptoms of an endocrine disorder are vague to a doctor, get worse gradually. It is a massive subject and in my experience even professors of endocrinology don't know their subject. There is a Thyroid Forum on healthunlocked which would help you if you think you may have an endocrine disorder from PTSD. Good luck


You sound overwhelmed. That may be related to your illness affecting your perception and your really bad life situation. If you keep posting and getting help it may support you enough whilst you get meds etc stabilized. Your expectations of the next few months must concentrate on getting you stable so you can cope with what's ahead. Breaking problems down bit by bit helps. Get help from charities and voluntary organizations about practical stuff, new home, debt advice, benefit help etc. That can take pressure off you. Sometimes life turns to s**t without reason. I've lost house, job, partner and family through impact of mental illness. It's taken a few years of pain but I've got through it. I've learnt a lot and I know what's important to me now. You aren't alone. Take care.


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