I am at the end of the road, I need to know what's wrong with me. I feel worthless and like I am a horrible person. I Make so so many mistakes that I am starting to think there is something mentally wrong with me.

I make the same mistakes and would lie to cover them up I have been trying so hard to change my bad habits but can't seem to do anything right. No matter how hard I try I forget to do things right. Like leaving with out something important, being on time losing or breaking things. Just being very clumsy in general every time I make mistakes like this I feel worthless like my family would be better off with out me. I feel so sorry for my daughter to have such a stupid mother and I can seem to find one good quality about me. My marriage is falling apart even my husband thinks I am worthless, I keep asking for chance after chance only to disappoint him, no one trust me, I can't continue like this something has to change. I have thoughts all the time of my family being better off without me. I just want them to be happy. My mistakes will end me.

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  • Talk to your GP,

    Your condition is classic depression and you need to make that appointment.

    In most cases the medications may only be prescribed over the medium term so that may help your mood. Sometimes talking therapy may be offered to work out why you are suffering from this illness


  • I'm sorry you feel like that!! It does sound like you may have some symptoms of depression. And your for sure not the first person to be feeling exactly how you feel!

    I myself have depression and it is difficult. Thing is once your in a hole of negativity its extreamly hard to see anything positive and once you feed the negative it can consume you and you become exactly that. It's all about small positive steps to help you move forward in the right direction. Go to you GP write a list down if it helps of all that your feeling, anti depressant is great but to help you understand your situation and yourself abit better id ask for counciling as well because trust me it is great to speak to a professional outsider with a fresh perspective. and it is so important to be honest with yourself and to your go with exactly how you feel.

    I really hope you can find your positivity again! I wish you the best of luck remember the fight must come from inside yourself. And eventually you will gain your control back. Things seem impossible now but I promise you there not xxx

  • Please Bella do not end it. You are not worthless and you do not deserve to do to make others better off. There is someone who deeply cares about you. YOU are truly loved!

  • We all need guidance everyday, but so many of us are too confused to seek help. Jesus Christ was sent to show us that we don't have to try and do everything, we have help from a loving God.

    We will have challenges in life, but if we just hold out our hands and surrender-God has assigned angels to assist us and the love of Jesus Christ is very much alive.

    Just invite Jesus Christ into your life now and try God today. He will never leave you or forsake you. The words in the Bible are real and powerful to save you from all things. Even our confused mental states.

  • Bella i can understand how you feel and im trying to hold it together and get help, hope you do too

  • Bella, don't lie. That's the only thing you need to fix. otherwise, you are like the rest of us. talk to your husband, be honest. I'm sure he loves you, this is all fixable.

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