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Bipolar disorder with hitting out

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Hi there my wife suffers from bipolar and also diabetic 2 but thing is she keeps hitting out and assaulted me twice in one day and it’s going on for a while the mental health turned nurse and the doctor turned around saying it’s a behaviour problem now they saying she might have a water infection plus her sodium levels are low has well is there a doctor out there can get to the route of the problem please?

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I can only reply from the perspective of a Bi-Polar sufferer. When you are "down", everything stops. You are aware of the world going on around you, but you don't care. Nothing seems to matter anymore, you feel that you are not really a part of the world anymore. There is no motivation to do anything. In my case, I am thinking of nothing but my own dark thoughts, hoping that the world just keeps away and does not interrupt me.

On emerging from the dark place you feel a lot better, and confidence begins to return.

You consider that perhaps the world isn't such a bad place after all. Thoughts begin to turn to the future and the possibilities that may unfold.

As you go a little "higher", you think a lot about possible threats. In times like these, an innocent action can be perceived as a threat.

The reaction to a perceived threat can be hitting out, at those you love and hold dear.

It is not a reaction filled with hostility or venom, it is just a perceived method of self-protection. From the observer's point of view, it is easy to see this reaction as just an attack.

From the sufferer's point of view, it wasn't that important, but a memory of the event is retained. This memory mixes with other memories, including those from the dark periods. It all eventually becomes confused.

Just a personal point of view......I hope that in some way it helps you.

Amazing insightful reply. I really want to thank you for this. It has helped me understand one of my friends a lot better. I get it now. Thank you so much. That is the clearest explanation I have ever read. Gemma xx

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Wow I needed to hear this, thank you

There are no professional medics on this site only fellow sufferers. Even if there were your wife couldn't be diagnosed over the net. You need to see her doctor and put your faith in her/him. I hope you find some answers. x


I'm sorry you are having a tough time of it at the moment trying to care for your wife. In regards to the urinary tract infection (UTI, this can really make folks very confused and agitated. One of the causes of a UTI can be due to a weakened immune system such as in Type 2 diabetes. Check this information on the NHS website (scroll down to the relevant bits of information):


Her GP should do a urine test to confirm that it is a UTI and not anything else and will prescribe antibiotics. Also, make sure her blood sugars are well controlled.

In respect of her bipolar challenging behaviour this of course, may be exacerbated by the UTI, but that aside, she needs to be managed by her doctor, psychiatrist and local mental health team. Maybe she needs a medication review, but if she is at risk of harm to herself or you, she may need to be temporarily sectioned to be assessed and to get her symptoms under control. Check out the links below from the Mind UK website which is very helpful and useful points to consider:

Bipolar moods & symptoms:

What is a mental health crisis?

Joint Crisis planning:

Sectioning - legal rights:

I know you asked if there was a doctor here who can help, but please bear in mind that this is a peer-to-peer support forum, and though folk will generously offer advice from their experience, this forum is no substitute for professional medical advice which you must seek from your local health provider. Please review our community and here is a quote from them regarding the above:

'Professional Health Information

Information posted on HealthUnlocked can support, but will not replace the relationship between you and your doctor or any other healthcare professionals. Information from this site may inform your discussions as well as the exploration of treatment options with your healthcare professionals. You should always consult a healthcare professional if considering changing your medication or treatment.'

Our members are really supportive as you have seen from the response by 'Dopeymine'.

I hope all this information helps and signposts you on to more information.

Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

Take care,

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Thank you for that we done a urine test and it came back normal there is no infection so that ruled out I don’t know if it could be down to the meds she is taking I having doing this for 15 years and this time it has fixed me

Thanks for your help and support it’s been great

I feel deeply for what you are having to endure with your wife. I too suffer with bipolar however, fortunately I have never struck out at anyone. I would be interested to know what medication she is on, I replied to a fellow sufferer last week as it appears that many are having up's and downs which I on Lithium do not have. My son is also bi polar but he goes on spending sprees then gets low as he has no money. Your wife is really low due to the water infection, antibiotics also lower you so I would advise keeping a low profile, maybe you are irritating her unbeknown to you! My husband irritates me, he never does much apart from read the paper and watch TV! Hopefully each day she will feel better with treatment, if you read up on bi polar it is a distressing complaint. I feel fortunate that hardly anyone outside my family knows about my condition as is does carry a stigma, please continue to be long suffering, you obviously love your wife. It is not her fault she behaves this way but maybe her medication could be reassessed? Hope I have helped, Helen.

I’m always on my feet doing things all the time plus going to work has well I keep telling them meds need to be reassessed but they keep saying it doesn’t

Seriously ask to be reassessed, stick to your guns. Say that you need a second opinion, DO NOT let them fob you off, you are the one suffering. Hope you can take someone with you for support xx

How are there insulin levels as with type 2 you can get mood swings a lot if sugar levels drop etc combine the 2 things together could be why

Thank you for that didn’t think of that that’s a good point


We are generally just patients ourselves here and we try and give support regards Mental Health concerns. In my case I do suffer Diabetes 2, with Reactive Depression and Chronic Short term memory disorder and Chronic Pain problems.

Hopefully you will gain advice below, several posts seem to hit the mark as far as your Wifes problems are concerned. We have a large list of people with various health concerns that may help


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