Do I have bipolar?

Please can someone help me, I think I might have bipolar I'll explain what I've been experiencing.

I can go from being really happy to angry and violent within a matter of seconds and I could stay awake all night and not get tired, I have trouble speaking clearly.

I sometimes see things or hear things that aren't there. I also get very anxious and paranoid.

Does this mean that I have bipolar?

I have asked my parents to take me to see a doctor but they say that I just have to control my anger the only problem is that I can't control my anger I try but I just can't.


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  • Hello and welcome :) I don't have any personal experience of bipolar, but the symptoms you describe don't sound like bipolar to me. Others on here will know more about this than I do. It really sounds like you need to go and see a doctor though and tell him/her about all these symptoms, especially seeing and hearing things that aren't there. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you need your parents to take you to see a doctor?

  • Thank you.

    The reason I need my parents to take me to a doctor is that I'm l not yet old enough to go to see a doctor on my own.

  • Hi there can I ask what age you are please? As this site is for over 16 yrs only.


  • I am 17 years old. Where I live you have to be 20 to see a doctor by yourself.

  • Sounds more anxiety based, in the time you get from happy to angry is there something that has made you feel angry? Is there a reason why you feel the way you do? Is it an over working mind and your thoughts have annoyed yourself? does it happen for no reason? Ask yourself a few of these, may help to reassure you when you do get stressed of why you feel that way, it will also help you to realise/ self note when your emotions do change!

  • I always become angry for no apparent reason.

  • Hi there and I hope your ok, I think you really need to put your foot down with your parents and tell them you need help. Don't get angry at them but tell them calmly, do you have a school counsellor that you could confide in? Or do you have any relative, an aunt or uncle that you could talk to? We all have to learn to control anger as it gets you nowhere, but seeing things that aren't there is not normal so it seems to me that you need to tell your parents to bring you to a Doctor,

    Let us know how you are please,


  • Hello.

    Unfortunately I don't think i have a school counsellor I will have to ask my teacher.

    All my relatives live in Spain.

    I will persuade my parents to take me to a doctor.

    Thank you.

  • I do have bipolar disorder and your symptoms don't sound typical. Of course, you need psychiatric Evaluation and follow-up. It sounds very complicated. Keep in touch with us, let us know how it goes. Nessie 237

  • It does sound as if it's bipolar but with mental health issues so many run

    Close to each other .


    Is about cycling

    You could be up three days and nights getting tons of stuff down

    Then you crash hit depression bad

    The time between the two has a lot to do with how severe it is

    With short cycling appears to be worse

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