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The lost of a love one

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Morning everyone I thought I let you people know my wife passed away even I shouted for help in all medical directions mental health team said it wasn’t her bipolar it’s behavou problem then doctors saying the opposite so next week I’m going up to where my wife was and ask so many questions there is big investigation in to why she died she was only 52

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I am sorry for your loss. It is surely the hardest thing we humans have to deal with. Even though we know it is inevitable for us all we have a difficult time accepting it.I have been physically sick over the death of a loved one and have found that you don't get over it as much as you learn to live with it. Please be extra kind to yourself and eat and sleep well. I always wrote in a journal , I found it helpful.The cause of death may be a distraction and make you feel you are doing something for your loved one. It may help other people at some time. Remember you can come on here as much as you need to , people care. Pam

Hello snicolle54, I was so sorry to read that your wife has passed away and that you have so many questions surrounding her death. May I suggest that you make an appointment to see the professional who was responsible for your wife's care and write down all the questions you would like to ask. This way you won't forget anything you feel needs answering as this will obviously be a painful and difficult meeting. Perhaps take someone with you as support. You mentioned in one of your posts that she had Diabetes, perhaps ask about this too.

Sweetiepye is correct when she states that you don't get over the loss of someone that close to you but eventually the grieving process works and you do learn to live with their loss and remember the good times.

It helps to talk with a professional counsellor whether in person or on the phone, with this in mind I have included the website and phone number of Cruse. Also your GP can refer you but there is usually a long waiting list.

Thank you for sharing your loss with us. We are here for you so please keep in touch.

Cruse - Tel: 0808 808 1677. Mon - Fris9.30 till 5pm with extended hours Tues/Wed/Thursday.

MAS Nurse.

Death is part of life and everyone goes through many of the same problems you mention above. Cruse can help, also if you can talk to friends and family regards your loss. Talking with family if possible is a positive way of closure because they have known the person and remember the good and bad times of the deceased life. Everyone in a family/relatives will feel the loss at various levels as they remember and celebrate the persons life. In the past and even now The Wake introduces memories of that past life, this can begin closure.

If you are unable to talk out your problems with family and relatives, even friends your GP can also help, Bereavement Counselor will talk you through the rawness of your loss and explain coping techniques.

You are not alone and you can if needed return to this site to talk out your loss.

We never really get over loosing the person and this can be made worse if we are unable to relate to the situation, you find yourself in, especially if the need of an investigation comes to the fore. closure then can take a little longer to fulfill


The g p has been fantastic she been there and my cousin been on the legal side of things if don’t understand any of it I’m seeing my g p on Thursday

S Nicolle

You know where we are if needed,

Good luck, keep a hold


Thank everyone for being there

I am so sorry to hear this. I have followed your previous posts. I agree completely with MasNurse.

Please accept my sincere condolences over your very sad loss snicolle54 and I appreciate you letting us know even though it is such a terrible time for you. gemmalouise

I’m so sorry for your loss 💔 I hope you get the answers

May she rest in peace💐

Condolences upon the loss of your loved awful for you. Yes, I would look into ALL of you have an attorney, or does your attorney know of one who specializes in medical cases?

You may need to contact someone with legal experience to help you investigate this. You can get free referrals on; maybe a contact, there, can point you to the right direction...could even be some contacts who will work at this, pro-bono, with least, for a while.

I had an uncle in AZ that went to a pretty upscale clinic to have a minor foot surgery. On the day of his surgery, his wife was going to be with him, for support. Before she got there, she was called by the clinic to say that he was dead. Somehow, they "found" him out in the parking lot, in a broken-down wheelchair, in the afternoon heat...he'd been gone for almost an one knows why he was out there, or who took him out there...he was supposed to be prepping for surgery.

His wife had a niece in D.C. who worked with patients, to bring cases like this to the attention of the government. Had his wife not had a serious car accident, afterwards, she would have pursued my uncle's passing with her it was, she was lucky to have survived her own accident.

I wish you light and understanding in your search...and, justice, too. Blessings to you!

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Thank you my cousin is dealing the legal side of things she works in a law firm and she going to help in all directions for me

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6ixtyon1 in reply to snicolle54

I am so glad--best of luck to you and your help! I hope you all find the answers that you are seeking!

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snicolle54 in reply to 6ixtyon1

Thank you I hope so

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6ixtyon1 in reply to snicolle54

So so I...that will be help and hope for the rest of us, too!

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