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Help needed


This is quite embarrassing for me writing this as I never thought I'd have to go down this route but I can't keep living like this anymore! I've recently split up for my partner of 2 years who was the absolute love of my life & now I'm at an all time low, constantly crying, feeling depressed, suicidal thoughts which is so out of character for me, massive separation anxiety & not wanting to do anything! This has gone on for over a month now & it doesn't seem to be easing at all ? I've been told to see a doctor for antidepressants but honestly I'm scared. Please can someone help

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hi don't ever be embarrassed because of your sufferings.having the right support behind you will help.talking is the best form of to a friend someone you can trust even a family member.

We understand you because we have gone down this you are at the right place so nothing to be embarrassed about..what you are going through is are a human with's a sad moment..nothing to are hurt but time will heal and that depends on you..your in pain but doesn't necessarily mean you need to rely on meds..but ofcourse if you really need to, then go for need time to yourself now to get your self together to us, get everything out, take what you need in, rebuild yourself and become whole will find its way back to you..all the best.

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The last thing I want is to have to take medication for my hurt as I'm a strong person ex soldier of 10 years in fact but love can be a horrible thing! I was married for 8 years & when that didn't work out I didn't feel as bad as I am now with this partner ? I've never loved anyone as much I do for this one which is why I'm finding it so hard!


I looked over your recent post above and I understand your past relationship broke down and you met a new partner who you were/are very found of. It is sad when someone moves one away from a relationship without knowing a cause however you will still be hurting and possibly you did not realize how hurt you were still because of your divorce.

It may have been to early for this new relationship to work, you were and still are lonely.

Generally people shrug their shoulders and move on although here you thought things were going well. Possibly this Partner felt you where not the right one and that was why She left. The problem is however you have worn your heart on your sleeve because of your past loss and the need to find someone new.

All I can suggest is if possible talk out this sensitive subject with someone you can trust. If you feel the need for CBT contact your GP Surgery. If you feel so low you are at any risk telephone NHS Information Line on Tel 111, they can advise and help if you are feeling so very very low.

We all go through rough times when relationships end especially in your case where you have been punched hard, then as you think you are sorted you are hit again.

All I will say is be kind to yourself and give yourself time to recover before looking for that new right person.


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I agree with Bob above, it's never easy when things like this happen. This won't help you at all but I went through something similar 2 years ago, I resisted medication for 18 months (there were other issues with me) but I feel the side effects of the medication are worse than the problem I have. Having said that trust your GP and take their advice.

CBT does help, I had a course of that, it won't fix the issue but it's good to talk to somebody who won't judge you and maybe offer some advice. Friends and family are good to talk to but an anonymous therapist is easy to talk to and you can say all the things that maybe you wouldn't tell your family.

It can take a while to get referred for CBT but in the meantime, if you're in the UK MIND have a great helpline where you can talk to a professional. It's not 24 hours, google them for their details. Don't forget there's always the Samaritans 24/7 or 999 if you're in crisis.

A break up like this is almost like a bereavement, it's not easy to deal with and time really does help. There is a future for you, whatever that maybe. Coming here is a start, nobody personally knows you and you can say what you like, take the advice, get some professional help. Most importantly stay safe, look after yourself and I wish you all the very best with the future.

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