Help me with my deppression and anxiety

Hello I need help I've been depressed for a long time now 3/4 years and it just gets worse. My anxiety well that's about says it all. All I do is think bad, I assume the worst. My mood swings well there hot and cold. One minute I'll be happy and talking fast and then I'll be feeling down and don't want to do nothing, I have a higher sd and I just feel like shit. I need help I've been Councilling for along time and been to chams and it doesn't seem to work tablets I'm on don't work. I just feel like I'm better of dead. I have a boyfriend who I love to pieces he is perfect to me. And I get so upset when I can't see him I love him so much I just can't say how much he means to me and I feel like I've done something wrong, I feel guilty a lot and cry a lot. It's very hard seen me like this and my boyfriend doesn't know what to do I tell him it's not me its my anxiety and Deppresion but I think I have more than them to. Can someone please help me?

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  • Have you told your doctor how you feel. Sometimes when I go I write it down or take someone with me. There are so many different medications you may need something else or perhaps you are not on a therapeutic dose yet. Don't give up I have been really bad in the past and had a hospital admission. Have you had CBT. Take care

  • Hello i go doctors and all they do is suggest councilling or medication. Councilling doesnt work all i do is cry for no reason when i miss my boyfriend i really do miss him. I have no friends at all. I dont have any social media apps. Ive took myself of them. But im not well just arent. My mood swings are really bad i get angry very eay hyperactive sometimes talk loads and forget where i have put things and i forget to say things my memory has got alot worse.

  • Don't take this the wrong way it may be worth seeing a psychiatrist they can offer a broader range of medication much stronger ones

  • How do i c 1 of those

  • Where do you live

  • I'm no expert, but I suspect the symptoms you are describing - highs and lows - sound similar to bipolar need a diagnosis of this to be put on the right medication.

  • Thanks i thought i may of have this.

  • Different countries have varying protocols

  • You need something to stabalise your mood and get a proper diagnosis. A lot of mental health problems can be stabilised. But you need a specialist

  • Im 18.

  • Im not with chams they dont help.

  • Hi i dont have facebook. I hardly watch tv. Only when hollyoaks is on or emmerdale and corri. Or when i watch a film with my boyfriend. Ill go the doctors tommorow and ill ask them to test me 4 bipolar and if it comes back as i do have it i know where i stand. I clean my house top to bottom walk the dog and clean guinea pigs and rabbits. And talk to my boyfriend. That is it. All i do i like to colour and draw . I like playing sports. I dont have no friends and i dont want or need them. Thankyou everyone i will reply tommorow. ☺

  • Its nothing to do with having spare time. Im hopefully getting a apprentaship soon! So 200 a week. But its how ive been the past few years its adding up.

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