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Please anyone help....just wanna give up

I hope no one will judge me...I KNOW I do have bipolar...problem is will a go alone diagnose? I have suffered terribly growing up and got into drugs and bad thihs happened! I'm am now in a catch 22 coz altho I been clean ages apparently I'm not ENTITLED to see a psychiatrist till I'm of my meth! What do do? Now just I know I'm bipolar I need a therapist/councillor coz my heads so messed up! HELPPPP I've been awake at least 4-5nights weekly for months and am self harming again 🙏🏻🙏🏻😢😢❤️❤️❤️

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Hi, I'm new here too. I just want you to know that you're not alone. I'm sure you've heard that before right, well I actually mean it. Life is tough, and No I do not judge you. Lack of sleep for that long, I'd be a mess.

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Thanks for ur kind words ok delirious and just self harmed doctors are ***byok altho even when open they won't refer me to a psychiatrist so I don't know where to even go in morning am at my wits emd

my daughter's friend at school does this. Do you mind me asking why. Is it just pure hate for yourself?

Hiya, no-one should judge you when you are asking for help. You are important and you have a right to be heard. Are there any support groups locally you could go to who may be able to offer some advice or assistance? With regard to your doctor, could a close family member or friend go with you to an appointment to support you and explain fully to the GP how difficult your situation is and how much you need help? Is it possible to ask to see another GP? What the doctor has told you doesn't make sense to me, as pyschiatrists are there to help with just these sort of problems. You are entitled to proper support for your issues and you do not seem to be receiving it, so please be persistent, but try to do it in a calm way (difficult I know, when you are so frustrated). Take care of yourself,


Hi Insomniac_4evalost I have just seen your post. How are you today please? Did you get yourself some help last night? Please let us know how you are if you can as we are worried about you. Lil x


How are you today, please let us know how you are?

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Hi Insomniac_4evalost, I have locked this post in accordance with Forum policy and have sent you a private message. Thank you.

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