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Sleep paralysis


Since i was about 10-11 years old ive been having terrifying episodes in my sleep.

It started off with my hallucinations being super strong, like i wasnt in my bed. I was laying on the ground next to the edge of a tree line, i can't move at all, it feels like someones holding me down. then i start loosing my vision( like when you take your fingers and press down on your eyes, it makes everything slowly disappear) that dream happens ALOT, I have no idea what it means..

When i was 15 i had an episode that made me hear things, in the dream i was screaming for my grandmother but nothing came out, some how i dragged myself out of bed and into her room. I was in the floor crawling with my hands like my legs didnt work or something.. when i got to her i was crying by the edge of her bed trying to talk but my mouth wouldnt open, then i woke up from it.

After that i stayed up for 3 days straight because i was afraid to sleep..

Ive hallucinated my body being raised into the air once, i was trying to reach for my boyfriend and it was pulling me away. I started trying to shake and scream then it turned me around, lowered me into the floor and showed me this horrific dark.. thing in the corner of my room. I woke from it and saw my bf was laying in the exact same position that he was in my dream, it freaked me out so i jumped out of bed and stayed up that night.

Some times it happens as soon as i lay down, and some times its in the middle of the night. Ive had multiple episodes in one night and it made me feel like i was dying. Ill wake up with my heart racing, im sweating, and some times i have to grab my inhaler because it makes it to where its difficult to breath.

Everyone tells me to try to stay calm but when i do that i stop breathing completely and it sends me into a panic attack. My bf will think im have seizures or something but really im just trying to wake up from the sleep paralysis. Ive watched videos but i cant find anyone that has it as intense as i do. Plus i only have it at night, in the day i sleep pretty good.

Im just afraid im going to die next to my partner, alot of people say you cant die from it but i dont have a good im not sure. I need help

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Hello Cat_mom00 and I am sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. Although it may not reassure you fully your friends are right and there is nothing dangerous about sleep paralysis. I appreciate it can be an incredibly frightening experience and understand how difficult it is to cope with. I wonder if you have discussed this with your GP especially as you make reference to worries about your heart. This may be a good first step to ensure everything is properly taken into consideration.

Take Care

Cat_mom00 in reply to MAS_Nurse

I havent talked to doctors cause some one told me there is no cure. So what's the point

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