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Why do I feel like this?

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Hi Im new here, idk where to start from. Im 20 & currently a college student, Im not sure why Ive been feeling or acting this way, I just feel like I am useless, like I really wouldn't mind if it's the end of the world or I would drop dead. I dont have motivation to study or draw as much as I used to, I certainly don't want to hang out with my friends because they wouldn't understand how extremely lonely, unmotivated and empty I am feeling. Ive realized that Ive been taking very very long naps during the afternoon even though I had my 8 hours of sleep during the night, and by very long I mean sleeping at 5:00pm and waking up at 9:00pm and sometimes 11:00pm. It is like if I fall asleep during the afternoon I can't get myself to wake up, but if I fell asleep normally at night I cant get to sleep 8 straight hours without suddenly waking up in the middle of the night. You see I keep saying I want to make a set schedule for myself (not for just sleeping, but everything else including studying, eating and breaks). I even realized that I really dont wanna eat as much anymore, I wouldnt mind drinking coffee or water and just having a sandwich for the whole day, it just feels so frustrating that I can't get to convince myself to stop feeling this way.

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I feel the same way as you, you're not alone. I had it all through uni and its come back now... along with other stuff.

I spent most of my second year asleep, barely ate and saw sod all people because I couldn't be bothered with it. I'm back feeling that way again now because of lots of crap I'm going through.

If you're after advise I'd say make an effort to speak to people. I hate talking to people it can make the world of difference. Talk about anything or nothing, get some lunch or whatever but socializing is great. Also you can try this app called 'headspace' I've got some anxiety elements I use if for but its great for helping when you feel like you do, just to help you relax and stuff ( ironically relaxing can help you from feeling so tired, trust me its usually cos your depressed and that makes you hellllaa tired). Its free to so its worth a go.

When I was at uni I didn't do much, I fell into smoking week and playing video games, I wish I'd had the drive to do something like you. You may not be able to but wanting to solve your situation is a great platform to go from.

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Thanks a lot I think Im gonna try those advices, even though Im also not a people's person but Ill try

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Yea people suck, if you dont wanna do that then maybe excersize? I had to force myself to do a work-out yesterday but it really helped me. Hang in there bud!

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Hi OM782, and welcome to the forum where you will receive help and support from other members who understand how you are feeling. You may find that sleeping during the day is interferring with your sleep at night. It may be a good idea to see your GP to discuss how you are feeling and he/she will be able to give help and support. You mentioned that you don't want to eat as much anymore. I wondered if you could possibly be anaemic? This can be diagnosed with a blood test and then treated with some iron tablets. If you are anaemic, you can feel very low in energy, so do speak to your GP. Could you also speak to a member of staff from the pastoral team at college? They will be able to offer advice and support. Perhaps some counselling could be an option? As emparedadas has mentioned, you want to feel better, which is a great start. Please stay on the forum. Are there any other members who can help om782, please? Thank you and best wishes.

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I had a blood test actually and Im not anemic, that's good I guess.. Im not sure if I have the courage to speak to anyone but my friends and maybe this forum from now on that my friends aren't much help to me with these feelings. My hope is to get some help on this forum and maybe I can find others who I can relate to and they can relate to me too

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Hi Om782. Your post is the first post that I read when I open this site after feeling so frustating in facing my OCD. I'm also 20 and a college student. I'm sorry if my English is not really good. It must be hard feeling useless and have no reason to still be alive especially during the college period when actually you have to focus on your study. I experience the same as you. Perhaps, just try not thinking about it too much. Let it go and let it be. Do something just the way you can do it, it's okay if you can't do it as long as it doesn't burden yourself. Don't push yourself too much. Maybe it will be better to do some activities. If you're not ready or comfortable to interact with others, you can do individual activities, such as planting or having a pet or something that you like but try to do the activity that makes you move. It's better than just stay and feeling hopeless. I also have no desire to be alive and I think to do suicide but I have no courage to face the pain so my only choice is waiting God's decision but it's not correct either because life is life and it is complicated so don't think to much about it. Maybe just try to live your live and do what you wanna do. Sorry if I write something that hurt you I really don't mean to do it.

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Your english was perfect, and thank you for this reply, I really wish I had a cat maybe I read before that their purring are supposed to help people in some way..

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Hi there! I am also a college student and I can relate because I have major depression. Before I was diagnosed, I had similar symptoms like yours. I would recommend that you see a counselor at your school if they have them and maybe a psychiatrist. I waited 4 years before getting any help and my life fell apart. Trust me, you do NOT want to repeat that mistake! I'm not saying that you have major depression like me, but you should definitely see a counselor for your peace of mind if nothing else.

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Thank you!!

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Your story reminds me of a similar situation I had. All of a sudden I noticed I was always tired sleeping way more and really depressed. I went to my family doctor and he did blood work. Turned out my thyroid wasn’t right and he put me on a low dose of thyroid medication and after a couple weeks I felt like my normal self again

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Im glad you're all fine now! My doctor actually thought that I had a thyroid problem, but thankfully the blood work showed negative so I'm thinking it may be college that's giving me all this anxiety

Actually a week later, I was feeling worse because my friend was driving my car and got into a car accident (thankfully it wasnt a serious one and no one was injured) but I just couldnt sleep for 4 days straight, pay attention in my classes or eat. I felt even worse than when I posted this post. I am trying to hang out less around my friends because I just felt that every time I try to have fun something terrible happens because of my bad life choices (just like that car accident). I am just trying to run away from this feeling through watching some korean drama shows (which really surprisingly makes me feel better) and also studying

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