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I have tried this website before and thought it would be a good idea to try again. I stopped using it because a couple of my posts got removal when I was in a very vulnerable state. I then felt unwelcome and completely isolated myself. I have no friends in my life so I thought it would be a good idea to give this platform another chance.

I’m an 18 year old college student struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. I am currently taking sertraline and I do counselling sessions once a week inside college.

How is everyone doing?

Anonymous x

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Hi and welcome back. I guess your posts were removed because it was felt they could trigger others. There is loads of support here but from time to time we get someone who is too far gone and only professional help will do. When someone is in that state a wrong word from someone else could trigger them too.

I hate to think of anyone leaving here without getting any help but I do understand the admins have to think of the majority and put them first. I hope you did get some professional help?

How are things? Have they improved at all? x

Hi there and sorry that you have been more isolated but welcome back! I'm up and down myself but just wanted to say "hello again" and keep up the fight. Gemmalouise x

Hypercat is right, there is nothing personal in removing your posts as it's a protection mechanism for yourself and others, particularly when we are at our worst! I am guessing at 18 you might be feeling nobody understands you and that you are alone in this struggle, but your not, far from it, the older you get the more you learn and understand to adapt. In my view the worst case scenarios can and do cope and I would ask for you, if you really want, is to start by altering the beginning of your user name with "not going to be".

I believe you can do this without even knowing you, why, because your back here and you continue your counselling and medical help - that is a determined person to change their life and not the other.

I guess the administration thinks along the lines of 'there's a big blue elephant in the room , now never speak of it' and of course that's all you can think of Unless you live in a bubble you are going to run into things that set you off. It's much better to learn to deal with things than to ignore them. I'm sorry you were let down. It wouldn't have been on purpose, it's just not an ideal situation. You do have the option of pm members which will give you some contact and the opportunity to build trust. Pam

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