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anxiaty is killing me

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the amount of words that i want to say right now is huge

the story that i want to tell is way too long

so i'm just gonna cut it short and say that I CAN'T DEAL WITH THE PAIN

I'm not good enough, i'm loosing myself and i can't stop thinking..

i just want to take a brake..o wait i can't i'm having exams in 2 days

how can i focus on studying!

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Hi ang95

You sound really overwhelmed and I can understand that.

You really are good enough.

We can only ever do what we can do.

Can only do your best at exams.

Things will be ok.

If you can, reach out seek some support if at all possible.

Things can improve for sure.

Talk to us whenever you want.

Best wishes to you 🌺 x

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Thanks for the support ♥

but how am i good enough if the decisions i make on my own are wrong.. it feels like i can't deal with life alone wich make me feel confused because i really want to be more independant and strong enough to face life with the right decisions

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Hiya, I agree with the other posters. Be kinder to yourself and slow down. Don't think of decisions as being 'wrong' or 'right' - it doesn't work like that. Sometimes we do something and it doesn't work out and sometimes it does. That's normal. All we can do is reflect on what happened and consider whether we would do things differently the next time. We all need a bit of reassurance now and again. So may I reassure you that you will be fine. Take care,

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your words made me feel so much better ♥

thank you ^^

Hi ang,

I totally understand how you are feeling right now! Apart from having exams, I think and feel the same things you do that you’ve listed. Im not really sure I can offer much in the way of support as I feel like I’m in a never ending, dark, vicious circle myself at them moment. But I guess what I can say is that you’re not alone! Deep breaths, count to ten. You’ve got this xxx

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ang95 in reply to Lynzhoppy1

Thank you i really appreciate your support ♥ it's going to be fine

Hi cut yourself some slack will you! None of us are robots - we are all infallible human beings who make mistakes all the time. You can only make decisions based on what you know and how you feel at the time and if they are wrong let it go. Mistakes are how we learn about ourselves and without them nothing would ever change and we would never progress. x

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ang95 in reply to hypercat54

thanks for the support ♥ i did tried to let go and i actually did learned a lot.. but some people can't and they will keep reminding me that i made a mistake and apparently i'm not forgiven even if we share the fault... i just hate how every time i'm over it something came up and drag me back

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hypercat54 in reply to ang95

Well if some people still want to have a go at you that's their problem and nothing to do with you. What right have they to forgive or not forgive you? I would cut these toxic people out of your life if you can. If not limit contact and develop a sharp tongue. You can say something sarcastic like 'Who gave you the right to criticise me' or 'Give it a break you are hacking me off now' etc. Sometimes people will continue to have a dig coz they want to get a reaction out of you. Another thing you can say (in a bored tone) is 'Oh turn the record over as it's getting boring now'. These are all things I have said when being harrassed.

One of my sisters would go on and on about our childhood and how I was this awful sister who did this and did that etc. I ignored it for ages until one day I snapped. I told her her memory was very selective and didn't she remember blah blah. She has never mentioned it since.

Basically what I am saying is if someone starts digging at you then learn to dig back. Attack is the best form of defence. x

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ang95 in reply to hypercat54

yea you're right i should stand for myself and keep it going

Thank you so much


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hypercat54 in reply to ang95

I know it's not easy but practise in very small ways at first. The more you do it the easier it gets. Another way round it and easier is just to ignore what they say and change the subject or talk to someone else. You haven't got to take part in others slagging you off. x

We are hard in ourselves at times.

I think you are being hard on yourself.

We all make mistakes it’s how we learn.

Our decisions change as we mature and learn.

It certainly doesn’t mean we are not good enough.


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yea you're right.. thank you


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I feel for you. I would suggest if you think your mental health will affect your exams to see a GP or school councillor and let them know and hopefully some accommodations can be made.

Stay strong and put your own mental health above anything else. There are courses out there to help 'work around' things like anxiety I've seen one or two, maybe put those on your radar after exams...

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ang95 in reply to Zoea

I'll definitely check those courses after exams

Thank you ♥

Hi ang95, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so overwhelmed at the moment. You have received many supportive replies. It is very true that we can only ever do our best and we are all here to support you. Please believe that you are good enough and be kind to yourself. It may help you to do something you enjoy, helps you to relax and gives you confidence. As Sebastian58 mentioned, don't think of decisions as being "wrong" or "right". It is normal that sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't. We all experience this and can reflect on it. We just have to make a decision based on what we feel is right for us at that time. Is there a school or college counselling service you could contact for support? Please stay on this supportive forum and best wishes in you exams. Remember that we can only do our best. Take care and best wishes.

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ang95 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you i really appreciate your support ♥

to be honest i don't know if we have a conselling service in my college.. they don't consider mental health as a big deal here so this forum is the best choice that i have for now but i'll definitely look for courses that can help me work with my anxiety.. i'll stay on this forum, people here ae so supportive and it's a wonderful community , you all helped me a lot and it means a lot ♥

Hi, I have had a similar situation sometime back. A very dark time for me.i didn’t want to go out, curled up got up in the mornings and dreaded the exams. I did take them but felt I hadn’t done enough to get any good results. I came out with average results but continued to study long after I left college. I had some good friends and one of them was feeling similar way. We talked most nights, got together and chatted more. Our group started to increase and I realised I wasn’t alone. What I’m trying to say is, you are worth more than you know. You are unique, different, a one off model, but you are on a path that needs to change. We are all here for you. Some good advice and great people who care for you. We are like an extended family who understands and here. So keep reaching out, let us help you. Don’t forget people here are genuine and friends. Breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth, when you get stressed. In exams, when stuck, STOP, take some breaths and then think of a walrus blowing you a kiss. It changes your mindset. Here to help and support,

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ang95 in reply to Walrus61

Thank you so much this helped me a lot ♥

Hi there I have suffered bad anxiety and panic with agoraphobia since the birth of my second son 33 years ago.. Believe me my psychiatrist said I was the worse case he had seen in his career and didn't expect me to get better but I did and surprised everyone, that was in 2003. The way through this is do not play into your anxiety, the more you panic and think about it the worse it gets. You must change you method of thinking when anxiety creeps up on you, tell yourself everything is going to be alright, nothing is going to happen to you and you will get through this, keep repeating this to yourself until the anxiety resides do not run away from situation. It may not help straight away, but believe me it will work after you keep practising it. When negative thoughts take you over, change them to positive ones, think nice things until the anxiety goes away. Practice makes perfect. Think to yourself I will get through my exams and I will pass them

I wish you all the best and hope this helps you

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ang95 in reply to cazzy2001

thank you so much i appreciate your support ♥

i will practice and try to be more positive

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