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'TRIGGER WARNING'Anxiety is killing me


I’m really wanting too just end my life now because I really can’t cope, these last few weeks have been the worst and I just keep pretending too everyone that I’m fine but I’m really not and I’m now at the point where I think this is the end for me

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Honestly just stop pretending you're ok. If the people around you aren't there for you when you need them the most they aren't the right people. Open up to people. You may think it won't help and I have fallen into this trap a few times but it at least won't hurt. Anxiety is an absolute bitch but you can beat it. Please don't end it give people a chance to help you, See a doctor, killing yourself is never the answer.

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Dear Kay, you don't have to pretend, shit gal it's a crazy world and there's no shame or anything of being anxious. Please try the cbt and your gp. This web has helped me alot, you are not alone!. I hope you will be ok. X

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Hi Kay, like other people have said CBT can be really useful, I am a CBT therapist myself. But I would also recommend another approach called ‘Act’ which is part of the CBT family of interventions. At the moment there is an excellent Act self help book ‘the happiness trap’ on offer on amazon kindle for just 99p. I’d recommend it as I personally (and professionally) found it to be a really helpful and very easily readable book.

Good luck on your journey, we’re all with you. If you don’t think you can keep yourself safe then please try speaking to your family, friends or GP however hard it might seem because there is support out there



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Hi Kay, I totally agree with Alez 79 advice. I was and still clinically depressed, but I opened up to my mum first then the ball started rolling, first my doctors, then i was referred to a mental health clinic. It helped me enormously, i have to take medication,but now i have good days. but when the black dog comes . i just say am having a bad day. imwas also referred to a ladies club which is on a wednesday morning. we just do simple thinks. but i wouldn’t have opened then i wouldn’t be posting this to you. Sorry my post is long, . So please kay do the first step and tell someone. wishing you all the best x

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Thank you, and wishing you well too x

Please don’t think like that I just lost My wonderful wife she passed away on 3rd September,and I ve been asking for help for a long time and the mental health team let me down so there is going to be an inquest ,so if you need some one to talk too I will do my best to help you has best has I can ok

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I’m sorry about your wife

You need to be honest with yourself, and admit that you have had enough pain dealing with anxiety. Please know that you are not alone, many people have gone through this including myself. Anxiety, depression, hopelessness all come together if you do not get this under control. You need to see a doctor, maybe this is a chemical imbalance in your brain which is not your fault. Medication will help you, the good news is you are reaching out for help. No one needs to go through this, your life will get better, what a tragedy if you never got to find out that there is hope, and you will look back at this and say, instead of wasting time, or being ashamed of something beyond my control, I should have reached out sooner. You are very precious, and loved, so see your doctor, get better, and get on with the wonderful life you have ahead of you!

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Thank you for your kind words

so are you ok your text sounded like you were at your at the end of your rope I surely understand I have had those type of days more when I was in my 20s'30'40'50' raising 4 kids but there are so many things that you can do to neg thinking that's blocking your positive thinking there's music Christian music and if it makes you cry that's good because your soul is trying to heal does any of this make sense to you i hope I just wanted to reach out and say hi and try to help god bless

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