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moved out

Its been a ling time since I connected with this group.

I recently had to leave my home, well it was my brothers 'buy to let' home he was renting it to me.

I'm in a much more expensive home now, and the government is not supporting my condition economically. I feel bad that I had to leave so my niece could live there and go to university, and now my retired mum & dad has to support my new lifestyle. I'm still the same, I still have schizophrenia. it just feels life my family took the money over the long term disabled route.

I get £25's pound a week personal expenses, its not even enough to buy a new duster. well its more like 2 1/2 dusters.

I feel pretty screwed even though I love my brother and his wife and my niece, and I would move out again in an instance if they asked, but I don't think they understand what they did.

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£25 a week is just pants, it’s such a shame there isn’t more financial help for people with mental illnesses, it’s so hard. I’d like to give you some helpful advice but at the mo all I can think of is Wilko probably do cheaper dusters :) it’s good your parents are supporting you though, even though I’m sure you’d much rather be in a situation where you don’t need them too. I hope things improve for you & im sure you’re not quite as screwed as it seems :)

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Hi aren't you getting any financial help such as ESA and/or PIp? Is there a less expensive place you could live? I presume you are getting housing benefit and council tax rebate.

For all details of available benefits look at the Gov.uk site. x

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Hi OMGPotatoe and welcome to the forum. MIND, the Mental Health Charity [www.mind.org.uk]. has some very helpful information on their website. Other members who have posted have made some helpful suggestions. Please stay on this caring forum where you will receive help and support from other members. Best wishes.

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thanks for your replies, I didn't check this post as I was dreading people baiting me about my money situation. sorry.

I'm doing a little better now they have admitted they made a mistake with my disability and have agreed to look at it again, as I had just moved my GP did not have my medical history.

also I managed to save quite a bit over the last 2 months and after checking my account its a little bigger so have bought a toaster, a duster and some house plant and am feeling better about my situation.

again thanks for your supportive nature and thank you for your sensitive replies in this matter. brilliant people on this forum.

I've also had my meds increased and I'm looking forward to see how it works out, I feel very positive about it.


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