Shutting out the world

Hey guys I'm new to here I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and for the last 2 years I've been off med and council img and it was all going well I'm with my partner of 1 1/2 years who knows what I went through but wasn't there when I was going through the it and recently I've had a big set back I'm constantly tiered haven't even got the motivation to leave the room most days and I'm even taking panic attracts on my sleep that's when I eventually get to sleep and constantly have that outcasted feeling where you just feel alone no matter how many people is around me I constantly feel like I'm getting talked about and the more I feel down the more I'm locking myself away I have moved all sharp object from the room so I don't cut but I'm craving relief and it's getting harder to fight it every day with so much going through my head and it doesn't help my father in laws Mrs is constant arguing with him n the house has a huge atmosphere which doesn't help my anxiety any I just don't know how to talk to my partner about it

Confused stressed and losing hope



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  • Welcome! There is always hope so don't give up. Whenever you get that craving for relief, find a healthy activity to participate in so that you won't be so tempted to harm yourself. It's hard to simply not do something so it helps to replace bad behavior.

  • I draw patterns where I want to cut I don't know why everything is crushing me right now xx

  • Hi you said you were off meds. Maybe it's time to go back on them again? Are you having any counselling at the moment? Another option for you. I presume from your post you are living at your bf's parents? Is there any way you can move out? x

  • My gf n only part time because of work we don't get to see each other so spend so many days together n so many days apart I hate medication I do go to counceling n helps a little but it's hard when your loved ones ask what's wrong n they try but never really understand sometimes I feel as if the anxiety paranoia takes over and gets worse with lack of sleep I feel like everyone's watching n judging whispering n then the panic attacks star and I'm over thinking all the time and then there's the constant knotts in my stomach as if I've done something wrong n worrying then makes that worse it makes me feel like I'm going crazy ...

  • Hi there I am sorry to read that you feel so bad, I have suffered depression all my life and recently started to have bad anxiety, ion the past I have tried many many Medes not to much avail, but recently put on a med called cymbalta, it has given me so much relief and stopped my mind over thinking. I am able to actually feel some joy for the first time for as long as I can remember. It may pay to speak to your doctor. Why stay in that state when there is relief out there. I wish you well.

  • Thanks I'm booked in for Tuesday and spoke to doc on the phone I'm also booked in for Monday with the physic nurse fun to be me 😑