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My Son


My son is 15 and has been diagnosed with ADHD, depression and anxiety. Over the las few weeks, between the holidays and illnes he has missed a ton of school. I now think he has missed so much he does not want to go back and he litterally throws up just thinking about it. He is starring a new program in school to help him cope and still get his work done and I hope it will help, but I have my doubts. Whenever he gets overwelmed, he says he wants to hurt himself. All of this is taking a tole on mine and the rest of the family's health and stress. I want to be firm with him, but an afraid to put him over the edge. He has a therapist and a perscriber working with us, but it is very up and down. Does any one have any suvestions? Thanks.

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Is home schooling a possibility for the rest of this year , or on line classes ? You might ask his therapist if he is try ing to manipulate you through threats of hurting himself. Just some ideas.

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Home schooling is the first thing that came to mind to me as well. His education is very important at this stage. Consult with his therapist/school principal.

Is he throwing up at the thought of all the work that he has to catch up on? Is this a form of rejection to the new program that is in place - is he perhaps feeling that the new program sets him apart as "different" than his friends as peers are very important at this stage of life?

Do not share your doubts with him about whether or not the new program will work. This is the time for encouragement and even learning new skills on how to handle his fears.

Does he like to read? Locate books of other successful people who struggle with the same issues that he has - let him see and learn that others function with these issues and you believe that he is strong enough to do the same. You know him better than anyone. Focus on his strengths.

What if information did you receive as his parent on ADHD, Depression and Anxiety? There are resources out there that could supply you with many suggestions.

Lastly, what are the laws in your area about attending school?


I know this may seem 'totally crazy' but - - my son is now 37 years old; I was convinced that he had ADHD & showed signs from age 2, progressively getting worse as he grew up. He was a nightmare to control at times. In the 1980's it was virtually impossible to get a diagnosis. Now he's an adult he still has all the symptoms of ADHD but they show themselves in a different way to when he was younger.

I myself was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) when he was 8 months old. However in January 2017 I did a private blood test and proved I had been mis-diagnosed for 36 years and in fact I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. The latter illness means that it's an auto immune illness and because the thyroid is being attacked by thyroid antibodies, the thyroid gland is dying and leaves inflammation in the body. However doctors medicate both illnesses with the same medication.

That was simply a small medical lesson :-)

Over the last week I have been convinced that my son has a thyroid disorder. He is still worrying me constantly by his behaviour.

I do know that I had an under active thyroid gland whilst pregnant with my son, unknown to me. It was picked up, as I mentioned above, when he was 8 months old. It's either 'in the family' or I didn't have enough thyroid gland hormone whilst pregnant with him.

Whenever I am under medicated by mistake, I go hyper and I do Not slow down. It is all making sense to me now - - even the medical world (GP's obviously) think that if a patient with a dodgy thyroid is under medicated they go very slow. But there seems to be a mid way point, when the body is trying to get adequate supplies of both thyroid hormone and cortisol (from the adrenal glands). The adrenal glands (for fight or flight) go low if the thyroid gland is struggling. Both the thyroid gland and the two adrenal glands are in the endocrine system; along with other glands. You could google Endocrine System.

Thyroid illnesses are very complicated and I have seen Professors of Endocrinology and even they do not really know how the system works, although all the info is available if you search for it. Endocrinologists seem to be idle, ignorant or taking back handers from Pharmaceutical Giants. However, there is a wonderful Thyroid Forum on healthunlocked and the members are very helpful. You will glean from the Thyroid Forum that members there are having problems with doctors of every type. Good luck. Please do send me a private message if you would like any more info.


P S The info I have given you is obviously not medically proved, ie that ADHD is related to low thyroid gland. It is only from my own personal experiences with my own son, and the copious amounts of research I have done over the last 10 years. Perhaps I am adding 2 + 2 and coming up with 6 !

By the way, other research I have done is to give ADHD sufferers Liquid Krill Oil which has Omega 3, or eat lots of mackerel, sardines, anchovies which I'm sure a 15 year old won't be happy with. Omega 3 assists the brain and nervous system. Liquid as it's easier to get into the digestive system.

At age 19 - 21 though my 37 year old son did get an electrician's qualification & continued to get more qualifications. He is now successfully self-employed with his own company.


Hi Tsmom and welcome to the forum. This must be a difficult situation for you. Other forum members have posted some helpful ideas. It is good to hear you are having the support of a therapist and a prescriber. The following websites may be helpful to you and may provide you with further support.

UK ADHD Partnership

Parent Partnership

I hope this is helpful to you. Please stay on the forum where you will receive support from other members.

Thank you and best wishes.


hello Tsmom ,

I want to send you a big hug and warm wishes of support. I hope the new program works for you and your son. My son had huge issues with attending school due to social anxiety and depression. He is 25 now and has a philosophy degree. It took a lot .

My advice to you is to try and find strength in kindness towards yourself and your son. Try not to worry over every small issue ? ? Find a way to ground yourself and stay calm?


When all else fails, try asking Jesus for help,it may just be the help you need.

I hope so.


I've been given a link to a series of videos by Functional Medicine doctors. Functional Medicine is very slowly coming over to UK from USA, but even in USA it's very early days. A whole load of new research worldwide is proving that many illnesses including mental health, are related to our guts. It may sound totally Krazy but the gut and the brain it is being proven, are related and interacting.

ADHD starts about half way through - at 57:50

I remembered your son as I was able to relate to your problems.


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