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Can't do this anymore

Just can't carry on like this anymore: constantly anxious something is going to happen, constantly worried about what others (strangers included) are thinking about me, feeling like I'm not good enough for anything or anyone

I take flux and have done for 5 years, had counselling, take propranolol, had diazepam,

I have entree highs as well like I almost go stupid and act like a child for a while and it's embarrassing. I also have problems with my speech sometimes by it's not making sense. I have Alopecia also so I wear wigs everyday which I've done since I was 9 years old (now 21)

Just can't deal with it no more I just keep trying and trying and it always seems to fail and I just think 'what's the point' finding life so hard at the moment

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Sorry to hear this. Apart from the medication are you taking any particular supplements or vitamins or doing anything with your diet?

For example a recent Aussie study (I believe) showed magnesium supplementation (and then there's the question of formulation, bioavailability, all that science) to be as effective as an antidepressant.

There may be many things that can help you haven't found yet. Reply here and PM me if you want further advice.

Hope that helps a bit!

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I take multivitamins everyday as I don't eat well either aswell as supplement shakes


cool but please make sure they are mineral multivitats. And preferably good ones I guess...

keep on postin and I hope I can help any more. PM me or whatever, feel free


Hi Bethany_rachel,

I am so sorry that you are struggling so much and finding your life so difficult.

I understand from reading through your previous posts that you have been suffering from extreme anxiety for a long time , together with autoimmune illnesses since you were about nine years of age.

That perhaps may have been a significant time in your life to have become ill. I wonder would you consider asking your GP to be referred for some long term counselling, where you would have the opportunity to explore in detail and in confidence what you have experienced since then. You may even find triggers that you are unaware of, but could help you to cope better now and start to feel better in yourself.

Also keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts and feelings may help you in your day to day life. Have you tried any relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, Mindfulness where you learn to focus on how you are feeling at the present moment and not worrying about the past or future too much.?

Zoea has given you some good advice and I am sure that our other members may be able to offer you further advice and support , to help you through this difficult time.

Perhaps a change of your medication or an increased dosage may help too, so it may be a good idea to get an appointment to speak with your GP.

Try and stay strong and believe that you can and will feel better, and with Professional help and support learn to manage your anxiety better.

Keep posting here and let us know how you are getting on, try and stay positive and just take each small step at a time....

with very best wishes and kindest regards to you...........get well soon,........

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Sorry to hear you are plagued with anxious thoughts and that you don't feel good enough .. You are good enough. Noone is better than you nor are you better than others. If you take time to address your anxiety this will surely help.

What is the catalyst behind these thoughts ?

Do you have regular 'me time' ?

It is crucial to make time to love, honour and care for ourselves. We are unique. We all have a purpose. We just have to tap into what it is and we are only able to do that when we have balance within. I use meditation. Essential oils. Balanced diet. Daily exercise. Vitamin supplements. These I have found to really help. I also use Magnesium oil each night .. We all lack magnesium and using this I find makes one helluva difference both emotionally and physically.

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