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I can't do this

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I have so many feelings I can't explain. I wanna cry but yet I can't I fear that I'd get sick if I keep everything jumbled up inside. I don't know what to do I can't talk to anyone about it. I feel broken. Never thought I'd be in this position for something I never wanted at the beginning yet now I want it probably more than ever. The sad truth is my problem is bigger than ever cause I'm of no interest anymore and friends we shall be but I can't I have to much feelings. I can't sleep well I'm always thinking about it. If I do happen to fall asleep I'm up early the next day. Why did this have to be a thing? Why can't I just get over with this already and not like or even love anyone ever again. I hate when people play with my feelings cause I would never do that to a person. How can people be so cruel? Why is being happy so hard. Why God couldn't just tell me who I'm destined to be with this is too hard. I just wanna be done with it all I wanna forget it all everything I don't know what to do. Someone please pray for me I need all the help I can get.

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Hi there,

If only life were that simple in wanting someone else to make the major decisions in our lives or to tell us what to do. But that takes away our free will and choice. Only you or I can really know what's best for us. We can take advice, but in the end we need to respect ourselves and choose. Relationships are tricky situations to work out. Often we misinterpreting body language, spoken words, text messages, emails etc., and assume people don't like us for one reason or another, which may turn out not to be true. Be still and listen to your heart. When all these anxieties and internal conversations are clamouring for our attention, it's hard to know what to do, being tossed to and fro on a raging sea of emotions. But when we find a quiet place, away from distractions and centre down, slowing our breathing, mindfully listening to stillness, our internal voice which has got lost in the clamour can be heard faintly at first, but if we let it it will grow louder. Then you can ask those pressing questions and start to get answers.

Sending you peace and best wishes today.

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I just feel so stressed and empty it sucks I just wanna forget everything.

I cannot remember life choices from Day to Day due to my Short Term Memory disorder. I get really confused and upset when people can say something one day and can expect me to remember the decisions taken at that time. A day can be a blank page where I need to revise on what was done. My decisions are transient.


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That sounds awful you're in my prayers bob 😊

That's hard I'm so sorry but things would get better

How can we help if we do not have any idea what has caused you to be unsettled, stressed and confused

Only you can decide the best way forward in your life, you know what has happened and what your expectations are.

Everyone Has a life that is so dynamic, it is hard to make decisions as each one may propel you down an unknown pathway that can be right for one and not the other.

People can listen and give Guidance, however we live in a different world that has been laid out for use through our early lives. You need to take a problem into a context that works for you. I wish life was easier to progress through, it is not, sad to say we have decisions every day to take, all someone can do is take your hand and help you address why you feel the way you do, however when push comes to shove. It will be down to you to take any problems by the throat and progress in a direction you will feel can work for you

How can we help ?, We may be able to help using others expectations in life


Wow this was mind blowing and helped me a lot I'm just so scared that I might end back up at square one tomorrow or the next day an square one is actually missing the person and your words did have meaning and thank you so much for that. An I know everyone is unaware of the situation but I rarely open up and I'm really sorry for that but thanks for all you've done.

are you there?

talk to people you can even have my number to call me im not a crazy bitch but i understand exactly what your going through reading this felt like it was myself talking im here to help cus why not

i havnt been on this site for a long time but i remembered how much it helps to talk to people everyone on here seems so kind and willing to help people its the difference between someone realising there is still hope and good people in the world

I'm here now and thanks an I know you're not crazy I just don't understand why it's so hard I feel so stressed I hate it.

are you feeling any better?

Thanks so much for asking it feels so overwhelming to know that you care. Well that someonr cares lol. I try to keep myself occupied so I wouldn't think about it but at times when I'm by myself it hits Mr and I get all the feelings again and it literally sucks. I just wanna be happy again you know. I don't like this tension and I just don't know what to do. It's like a heavy weigh I can't let go off I'm trying but then again it's like I don't want too. How could something that's making me so sad once made me so happy?

you have to accept that it is what it is with you right now..you will see the positive side of things eventually..i know youve got this..build more strength to give you power over yourself..i think your strong already..keep going..we are with you..we need you and you us..

Thanks but now I don't have a choice they blocked me on everything. An they blame me for everything and I'm just suppose to move on after all the hurt after all the memories. As much as I don't like regretting stuff I feel I do regret meeting this person how can someone you once liked or loved be the reason to your pain. Man just horrible.

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