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Feeling drained again

I have felt well for a few weeks now but this week already I know I’m on a downward spiral again. I feel devoid of energy, I’m not sleeping , I’m losing my temper again really easily. I don’t feel like doing anything other than lie on my bed when I get home on a night. I hate my job with a passion and seem to be there or stuck in traffic on my two hour commute to work and the same back every day. I really have had enough but there are no jobs at the moment and I have just been rejected from the local police yet again with no feedback. I’m getting to my whits end and don’t know what to do for the best. This world has manifested into a money making machine and we are just the parts. We will never be happy until we are in control of our own lives again or at least that’s my opinion

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Hello Ross2017

Thanks for your post, It does sound as if you are in a very difficult place at the moment.

You may need more help and support to be able to make some important decisions. You may want to consider talking with your employer or your work occupational health department. You may also want to contact your doctor.

This is a supportive community, so if you tell us more about your situation, our members may be able to offer more support and information.

Some of the topics on the right of the message may be helpful, such as the mental illness guide and treatments and self help.

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