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I m 23.i m a student and i m also married. before 2 years i was very happy with everything in my life. But now i m in stage where i m not happy with my life i want not to live. I hate the things which i loved to much. I m always feel sad. I lost my smile. I hate everyone i dont want to talk to any one. I hate the persons who smile who happy. I dont know why i feel like that. I cant sleep.sometimes i cry at night. I m married.i feel that my husband hate me but its not true he look after me . i feel every body hate me.no one wants to talk with me. Everytime i m waiting something to change everything happens to me.

I want to change everythimg in my life. But i dont know how is it posible. I dont know even what to do how to do. I have not anyone to share my feelings. I am so tens.

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  • Hello, I'm sorry you aren't feeling like your normal self. Have you seen a Doctor? That's probably where you should start. A Doctor can tell you what is wrong and give you a health plan. You'll feel more in control then. Let us know how you get on.. Pam

  • The problems in my life makes me so weak. I wish i could change everything in one night that i will wake and everything will change.

    I m very strange. I have solution of all my problems but i cant solve.i cant handle even i have the solution.

  • Can you make a list of your 3 most important problems and their solutions? Let the rest go for now. Ok look at your list and pick one.We can discuss it if you like or you can keep it to your self. So now you only have 1 problem and that is easier to handle.For this problem what is the first thing you should do ?

    Do you think you can work like this? Let me know what you think. Pam

  • Yes i can.

    but for this i want private

  • If you want private chat you can message people on the app. I would talk to you that way if it was helpful. It sounds as if you are going thru something difficult and you need some support. Take care.

  • Thank u :)

  • No probs

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