I am 70 and constantly feel like I'm living on a ticking time bomb and worry about dying. I feel as if I have to clear rubbish from my house and leave everything tidy so that when I die it will be easy for my son to sort things out. I worry so much about making life hard for my son when i die that I am constantly leaving notes on things. These I leave in my will box. My birthday depresses me each year now as that's one year less of my life. I know it's silly to feel like this but I can't help it. Is this a form of drpression. I have a good social life.

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  • This is definitely a form of depression. I'm only 30 and I felt this way for a year last year after my first panic attack. It's not normal. You're not going to die. Hell what if you live to 150???? People are living so much longer now, there is no life span or expectancy says a Harvard Study that I read a couple months ago. The Dr said there is actually no proven fact to how long a person may live. And I believe people are realizing that and that's why life is getting so much longer. You're going to be fine. 70 is NOT old. I don't believe in age anymore at all. It's an illusion because time is an illusion. With people living right now at 120 yrs, you are relatively young if you ask me. You're still alive because you choose to be. Realize how powerful YOUR OWN MIND truly is. 💕

  • It sounds perfectly sensible to me. The diagnosis of depression requires the presence of various symptoms and worrying about death is not one of them.

    These are the criteria

  • Hello George, I'm 73 and have many of the same concerns. It might make you feel a bit better to know that I have probably much bigger concerns with I am sure far more rubbish accumulated from my various hobbies including some very large items. And don't those birthdays arrive quickly once you are past 65 ?.

    In addition I currently have quite a deep depression which is making it almost impossible to make progress in sorting things out although I do make slow progress in the spells my depression lifts.

    You sound in better shape and to have a better social life than me. Hopefully we both have several years of fitness left, which is likely to enable futher progress in leaving our affairs in order. I don't think its silly to feel like you do ,its a legitimate concern , and i would think quite common in older age. Personally I think if it is depression its a very mild form based on circumstances. Nurture your social life which will be a huge help in avoiding depression and discuss your worries about this fully with your son. You'll probably find he is less worried about it than you and might help you jointly to come up with a plan to sort things out more effectively and quickly. Inevitably many of the things you are leaving notes about will be unimportant to him (he's a different person) and you'll have to brace yourself for some of the possible disappointments this may bring. Don't forget the graveyards are full of indispensable people who once owned possessions of inestimateable worth, now all in junk yards. Thats the sad fact of human existence.


  • Hi I get where you are coming from as I have just turned 63. I can't believe how I have got so old and wonder where all the years have gone. I have the odd panic about it but try not to go there too much. One thing is for certain - growing old is not for sissies! x

  • I'm not sure if this helps but I work in a care home and there is a lady in there who is a 104 and she's as bright as a button!!! She's actually healthier than me!! And I'm half her age!!! I think it's a good idea for everyone to have there affairs in order!! Will, etc we have ours sorted. We have all important documents together in a box so we can put our hands on them. Tell your son where to look if he needs your things. Then TRY to forget it and get on with living your life!! 70 really isn't old in my eyes anyway👀 Don't become old and worn down by your thoughts. Do what makes you happy and make the most of each day.

  • Dyeing is easy its living that's so hard,

  • I am also 70. It amuses me no end.I don't feel old. I remember when I couldn't imagine being 25. Ha. Anything I want to leave to someone I give it to them now. I ask my kids what they want and they have it by the next week.Mostly they want family mementos. We've had a lot of enjoyment going through old papers and pictures. I have a nice unbreakable will which is truly equal and they all have a copy. I haven't heard one complaint and I don't worry about it. Pam

  • Funny what you wrote about your terrible urge to tidy things up , home, papers and all . I have been like that since 40 and it is fast turning into an obsession . Crazy ! Have not made my will yet . Prefer to give it away or spend it while Im still alive . I don't celebrate my birthday and try not to worry about age . After all its just a number and you can be 30 or 40 and feel old . On the other hand you can be 80 and still feel young . It's all in the mind isn't it ? At least you have a good social life . I envy you and so do many other lonely isolated depressed people .

    Anyway why on earth do you worry about death now ? Do you have multiple or serious health problems ? Heard that life expectancy is 75 or 80 nowadays so don't worry . Hopefully its just another passing bad phase for you .

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