When it's all just too much!!

Hi everyone, we all know how hard life is there's no doubt about that!! But add to that a long term health condition thrown into the mix, which I know many of you have too.For me right now it's just all too much to deal with.i told my partner this morning I don't want to be here anymore.its a constant battle and I just find it's too hard for me. I'm taking medication that has made me feel worse to treat my Crohn's.i had to have a paramedic Thursday night because I was in so much pain and vomiting. I've missed 2 days at work so that will go down well!! I've got an infected abcess next to my stoma that is weeping blood and puss. It's so painful. I've showed it to lots of medical people and they want me to try Crohn's meds to see if it will help otherwise surgery again. My lovely partner is very supportive. It I can't face a future full of operations and side effects from drugs that could potentially give me something worse. It's not self pity guys!! It's just how I feel.

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  • I am so sorry to hear that. I have ME/cfs too and work has been so hard, I'm currently off short term sick. I had to be honest to the doctor exactly how I was feeling. Slowly it's getting a touch better. I'm so sorry for your physical problems. Pm me anytime.

  • Hi Thankyou for your kind reply.Fatigue and nausea don't help do they.if you could fight something with a bit of strength in you it wouldn't be so bad. I go to work and stick a smile on my face. I pretend I'm doing ok even though people often tell me I look really ill which hasn't helped. I do positive as often as I can but I feel beaten down with it all just now. It's easy to go on and on about the negatives but I won't!! I hope you and your partner are doing as ok as you can be. I can see it's been so hard for both of you. Your a very kind lady Thankyou 💐

  • Angep that must be very hard to cope with. I can't help but am sending you some kind thoughts and hugs Bev xxx

  • Thanks Bev, everyone's struggles on here and still find time to say kind words to others xxx

  • I understand. It's my pleasure, anytime.

  • Throwing you a handful of star dust to light a dark corner.

    Here catch.


    we are only here for the blink of an eye. But sometime it feels that a day is a decade long.

    Have faith that within the downs there are a few ups around the corner.

  • Thanks nedd, your very kind.

  • Does the UK have the biologics available? That's a list of immune suppressing meds that can throw Crohns into remission.

  • Yes I believe so!! Ive been taking Azathropine for 3weeks. Started on a small dose and worked my way up to 125mg. It's making me feel ill taking them now.im supposed to be starting Humira on 13th but due to it suppressing my immune system I'm concerned the abcess gets worse because my bowel perforated last time hence the. Colostomy bag. I've been told try the drugs or have your colon removed!! If I have it removed it won't cure it so I'm trying the drugs for now.

  • That's a lot to deal with!! I pray the Humira,works for you!

  • Thanks, me too🙏🏻

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