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Life is sometimes way too much to bear

I find life very hard. Sometimes too much to bear. I have no friends really as I was very hedonistic till my late 20 's then wanted to straighten out. I also worry a lot about things, too much really. I have a beautiful wife, kids, daughter and grandkids from my ex wife. I have a very good well paid job as a company director and feel I should be happy as I am lucky really but find life so difficult sometimes and sometimes feel I can't cope. I also find it very difficult to discuss my feelings . I have tried councelling but hit a wall. Sometimes I just can't take it and want it to stop.

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Hi Jake ☺ .I think a lot of us feel like " stop the world, I want to get off " .You need someone to talk to which is why we come here.The advisors on here are very good & usually point you in the right direction. You are not alone .Maybe if you tried a different counsellor it would help, someone you connect withhelps.I've seen a couple over the year's & 1 of them particularly made me feel judged.Hope you get some relief talking to us on here we are a lovely bunch of caring, like minded people.


I feel like I could have written those exact same words.. Except that I dont have anyone and nothing to my name to even hang onto..

I have been living this crazy solitary life abroad and I cant bear it sometime it feels like it just needs to stops.

Talking to a therapist ive tried thT too in the past but never clicked .



It is very hard to open up, how about writing down literally everything that is entering your head? sit down with a pen and paper and write whatever comes out, doesn't need to make sense as it is yours, and yours only. Once you have exhausted the overwhelming thoughts maybe rip it up and dispose of it and 'let go' of all that was on it or keep it safe somewhere and every day do the same again.

I call this putting my cr@p out in the universe and seeing if it stays there :)

oh, and at bedtime write down a couple of things that make you happy in a little notepad, doesn't matter what it is, could be a place you went to as a child, something someone said to you that day, a fleeting memory that made you smile or what you had for breakfast. Try for 2 things at first, and if more come out then that is good too.

Just try it ;)

Take care of your body and mind, drink water and maybe go for a walk.......if you feel you can,

upandup84 :)


could you take a month off and spend some quality time with your family and maybe that will help.being a company director must come with a lot of worry/anxiety maybe you should have some time out.


I feel exactly the same. I’m what some people would consider lucky as my life is ostensibly fulfilling and on the right track. I have a good job, financially stable, loving family etc. I just feel so empty. I carry so much self-loathe for no real reason. I’ve always been sad since childhood I think - I just can’t figure out why. I live in constant regret for nothing specific. I feel guilty all the time as I know there are people with what I refer to as ‘justifiable depression’ - ie, life is much harder for them but they seem to be coping so why can’t I?! I’m constantly fighting the urge to end it all and it’s exhausting. There’s only so much ‘taking things a day at a time’ one can do! I hope things get better for you - I’m sorry I’m not able to give you any positivity or sunshine - maybe it’s just good to have a bit of a vent every now and then. Take care x


You can start with writing a letter to yourself, I find that even this is seem silly it’s helped me a lot, I sometimes write them on paper or in my notes even some poems sometimes and they don’t even need to make any sense. Till this day I haven’t read them. But it helps I was along for years in my own head, but one thing you need to know is that really your not alone, it was nice to sit here and read everything about other people’s lives not because it’s nice to hear but because I now know I am just 1 person in a huge number of people who have the same feelings. No sweat Jake. We are here.


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