Depression n anxiety is killing me

I'm completely overwhelmed and scared, I'm dizzy, I'm aching, I feel panicky, I feel completely alone, I feel there's no way out, I feel consumed with fear n hopelessness, everyday is becoming so exhausting, I just sleep, I get a panic rush surging up from the pit of my stomach right up into my chest, can anybody please help me make sense of this? Just want to be free

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  • Hi Suzie I note from your other posts that you are on meds? Maybe you need to go back to the doctors and tell him/her how you are feeling? Maybe you need a change of meds or another one as well?

    Are you having counselling? This could help.

    I do get how you are feeling but please keep the faith that you can feel better in time. There is always hope so hold on to that please.

    Come in and talk to us anytime, you will always be assured of a listening ear. x

  • Thankyou so much for the reply, yes I do agree that perhaps another doctors visit is on the cards, I'm on fluoxetine at the moment but nothing else, I've also got an appointment with a counsellor on 4th November so I'm hoping it helps, I'm just so afraid at the moment, but I really do appreciate all the replies here, this community is proving to be a god send, everyone is so caring n kind despite their own struggle, thankyou xx

  • You are very welcome Suzie. It might be that you need another med for anxiety on top of the fluoxetine for now.

    I am glad you are seeking counselling, and Nov 4th isn't long away now. I don't know if you have been through counselling before, but don't expect to feel better immediately as it will take time. You will get there you know in time! Take care and let us know how you get on. x

  • Will keep you posted, thanks again, your all so helpful here :-) xxx

  • All I can do is offer my thoughts of healing to you. I so know what it is like to struggle and feel not good. Trick is to get through each day .. Try not to think of tomorrow or next week .. All the matters is the here and now

  • Thankyou Satsuma xxx

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