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Hey I am from Pakistan and I have some serious issue regarding my emigration because I wanna see myself in USA but it can never happen due to lack of resources everyone ignore me everyone say its impossible to go USA for u I have my own cousin who life in Dallas but they also ignore me for help I will be die if I don't emigrated USA because its my only wish I wanna fulfill but it not working because everyone ignoring me they say you are a sociopath please help me what I do I wanna go their but no one helping please guide me my parents has not enough money for my emigration and everyone ignore me help me before its over !

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  • You are on a forum for depression, we're non political so you need to look else where.

  • Mam sorry but its my issue inm depressed for that problem and I need help

  • Have you been diagnosed by a Doctor? Are you on medication or in therapy? Depression isn't selective and feeling unhappy with your situation isn't being depressed. Depression is a serious illness, one which could keep you from emigrating to another country.

  • My uncle role me that u need to see a doctor because its beyond our limits

  • I'm sorry I didn't understand that. Do you mean you have no money to see a Doctor.

  • Yes maybe u can say that but its not about doctor its about worry about my future

  • Then you need to go back and reread my replies. Worry is not depression..

  • It is I swear of god

  • There are many degrees of depression and depressive illness

    Perhaps it is good to offer support to someone so obviously disturbed and distressed

    Even if they may not fulfil criteria for severe depression/illness

  • You might want to read the community guidelines.

  • Ok, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Ps Are you implying i was being critical of your response.

    That wasn't my intention

    Depression is a complex beast

    I could write a book about it as you possibly could also

    Six years sleeping 24/7,

    fifteen years

    addicted to Valium etc

    The years when washing felt like climbing Everest

    I still forced myself

    And the icing on the cake

    being diagnosed with Hep C

    Which can also cause profound depression

    Worry/unhappiness was an integral aspect of my depression

    Not so for others.

  • My intention was to inform the young man and you that he was in the wrong place to achieve his goal We cannot diagnose , only support. I am sorry for your struggle with depression. Most of us on this forum have depression and understand that it can take different forms, but we still cannot diagnose others.


  • I agree ..partly

    if you read his other messages the main cause of his concern/depression/anxiety was his looks/weight

    The wish to emigrate secondary and possibly diversionary

    That's the reason I thought he was in the right place

    He also seemed pleased to read other supportive messages and felt they had been very helpful.

  • Seems good you have approached this site as situation is causing you such distress,very likely with depresson too

    How to help you?

    This may be your wish but may not be right for you

    You need practical, informed legal advice to find out the facts of what is possible

    If you find out this is just not practical for you maybe you could overcome this

    ie maybe meet/fall in love with American citizen and move there that way

    Perhaps join dating/introduction site for your faith in USA.

    Or have good penfriend/messaging buddy instead,

    so you still maintain that contact with the country of your dreams

    This sort of site is not able to help with funding

    But if you applied for educational courses in USA you may obtain funding from somewhere

    Do wish I could help more

    Good luck and wish you success in finding happiness either in your home country or eventually maybe States.

  • If I don't see myself in America or in western countries surly I will fail to life my life nobody help me I try everything

  • You may have to adopt a more positive approach to living in your own country, at this stage in your life

    Explore educational/learning possibilities

    Correspond with people

    I haven't been to Pakistan so I don't know what options are available o you

    But you could start to find ways of being more content/joyful with what you have now until you find a way to emigrate.

    Could you pray about this and find a way to release this issue so it is no longer just your problem.

    People find peace and happiness on death row through prayer and a transformed attitude

    Your situation is not as bad as that, although it may at times feel like it

  • But people's mocking me they make fun about me that I m ugly no one will marry me no one help me for my emigration

  • People can say things without meaning them,

    just ignore those ignorant, unkind people

    The real beauty comes from inside you

    I'm sure if you smiled more and felt happier your looks would be transformed

    You would wish for a marriage partner who could see the lovely person that you are/can be with a more positive attitude

    You have got yourself stuck in misery and discontent.

    You can change this for the better

    Be the beautiful person, the best you can be in all ways

    Make the most of yourself and your life..wherever you live.

  • But in realty girls only want hot guy not a ugly

  • I have to agree with Peachy. This forum is for those with depression and other mental health issues. It is not for posts like this. Depression is a serious illness and is not about an obsession to emigrate.

    There are more appropriate forums for this type of problem.

  • This is the process for immigration

    How do you think this depression forum could help?

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