More ups and downs this week than a rollercoaster!

More ups and downs this week than a rollercoaster!

What a week! I feel so drained and can't face doing anything. Since January I have had treatment for Glaucoma which has involved several procedures such as injections into my eyes and laser surgery. Also 2 operations. I have completely lost the sight in my right eye and now they are trying to save the sight in my left. I may lose my driving licence due to lack of vision, but I will tackle that later, need to get through Christmas first.

Went to the hospital on Tuesday. The previous appointment was quite doom and gloom, they were trying to preserve the vision in my left eye but the consultant was not hopeful. Well the consultant I saw (my favourite of the 3 that I see) was a lot more positive and was pleased with how my eye had recovered from the last op. He doesn't need to see me until January. Woohoo!

I have also had a problem with my big toe for 2 years. I am now on my third different antibiotic. The podiatrist sent me for an x-ray on Monday. Yesterday I got a phonecall from my GP who said that the x-ray had shown that I have a problem with the bone and needed IV antibiotics. Panic! I had an appointment with the podiatrist at the hospital (my 2nd home) and the Dr was saying that if it was that bad I needed to see an orthopaedist - PANIC!!! He then looked at the x-ray and said oh it's not as bad as we thought take antibiotics for 6 weeks and we'll see you in January. Phew.

Just so terrified by all this. Will I go blind? Will I lose my toe?


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  • Sad to say the answers you want we cannot give. All I can say is for you to look upon the positive. You are entering into the season of goodwill and dreams that can fulfill all our wishes. Like you I seem to spend my time in the GP Surgery and hospital. I suffer a chronic Pain condition and need to take a large selection of medications. Also I am supposed to be in hospital for tests in the New Year as my Memory is getting worse.

    Life is not fair when we are ill and all we can do is wait to see what our way forward is going to be.

    It is no consolation for you to hear my problems although sometimes other people have problems and may put ours in perspective. It would seem that your specialists are more positive in your outlook and I would imagine the best way forward for you is to try and enjoy your twelve nights, there is little you can do at this time

    If you feel so worried and concerned I would go and see your GP and have your worries put to rest. He will advise you if something can be done to settle you down, although medications would possibly take to long to work over the Christmas period.

    We are also always around if you need to talk to someone. Please do not worry.


  • Hi I am feeling very sad after reading your post. What a horrible situation you are in and I feel so much for you. I wish I could wave a magic wand and save your sight and say everything will be ok, but I can't unfortunately.

    What I will say is that if the consultant seems pleased with the results of your last operation then you have every reason to be optimistic. I will say prayers for you that your sight and your big toe are saved. Lots of big hugs. xx

  • Don't feel sad. It's life! The best bit is not having to rely on public transport to get me from my home to QA hospital until January. I have been going up there for 1 or 2 days a week since January.

    The antibiotics I am taking have this quote on the leaflet 'You may experience psychiatric reactions. Your symptoms may become worse under treatment. In rare cases depression or psychosis can progress to thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts or completed suicide. If this happens stop taking the tablets and contact your Dr immediately.' :-)

  • Dear trachet, I don't know which type of glaucoma you have but, as I understand it, there are two: Acute and Chronic. Acute is the kind I had caused by the drainage holes in my eyes being too small to let out the build up of pressure which would naturally occur in the eye. It almost always affects only one eye but, in my case, both were affected. My treatment was to have holes put by laser in the back of both eyes. I had checkups for a year afterwards but now only need a normal check with my optician every couple of years. I had one a few weeks ago and all was ok but I get in a panic every time it's due.

    I'm wondering what your symptoms were--if they were the same as mine. I saw bright, rainbow colours round all lights and then everything got covered with grey mist. It was horrible and happened at night. I was always terrified to open my eyes the next morning but luckily I was treated before it became permanent. They told me my treatment was urgent but I have been assured that it is a permanent cure.I'm not entirely convinced and still look at lights with fear of seeing rainbows again.

    The second kind of glaucoma is the chronic kind.I know a few people whohave that but all of them have it in only one eye. Daily drops are prescribed for it but not laser treatment---as far as I know.

    You say you have had laser treatment but do you also have to use drops? What is the cause of your glaucoma? I'm wondering why one laser treatment didn't seem to work for you. I know only too well the awful fear that takes over when something like this happens to you. In fact, that's when my panic attacks began and led to the depression I am now fighting. I wouldn't fret too much over your toe. Even if you lose it, that won't affect your quality of life. Myra. xxx.

  • Hi Myra,

    I have neovascular glaucoma (NVG) caused by diabetes. I have had type 2 diabetes for about 20 years. I suppose the first 15 years of not looking after myself has come back and bit me. My eye started to be very painful in January this year so I went to a walk in clinic and they told me to phone the emergency eye dept at the hospital the next day. Did as was told and next I know I was booked in for an injection into my eyes 2 days later.

    I have been on so many drops. Up to 4 different drops in both eyes. I am now just on Maxidex. I have been on Diamox tablets which are vile! In the summer the pressure in my right eye was 60. It is now 40. My left eye is 20. The main problem is the 3 consultants I am under all view things differently. I am just stuck in the middle with each having different ideas on how I should be treated.

    Although I was very overweight I have always been very active, tennis, swimming and cycling. In fact a lot of my friends could not keep up with me. I have lost a lot of weight (still more to go) so that will help. But I'm fed up that my weight is better, my fitness has improved and my blood sugar is now at a good level but all these problems are making me feel what's the use. I was only 50 the other week. Oh well both parents died before they were 60 so I don't hold out much hope.


  • Don't be terrified. A big toe even if the worst comes to the worst is not the end of the world (easy for me to say I know).

    The eye seems to be doing OK as well. Just relax,worrying about this is natural and hard not to do but the worrying will only add to problems and you can do without any more.


  • Tracey,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your problems. I can only hope that the Drs are able to save the vision in your left eye. Like Bev, I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better. Sending you every good wish and healing thoughts.

    Sarah x

  • It did cross my mind when you mentioned your toe that you could have Diabetes.It's a particularly nasty condition as it can affect so many parts of the body. My goodness--60 is a high pressure reading.Your other eye is within normal range for you. Even with the laser punctures, my pressure was 25 the last time it was taken. I was told that was normal for me. I see a consultant shortly because I had what can only be described as an explosion of floaters in my right eye a few weeks ago. My retina was checked and found to be ok but the optician wants me to see the consultant anyway so maybe I'm not out of the woods yet. I'll be in a state of nervous tension when I go. I hate that feeling as I'm sure you do too. If you keep your hopes up, I'll do the

  • Hi did you know that you put 60% of the pressure of your feet on your big toe? Without it it would be difficult to walk. Bev x