Mornings are when I feel at my lowest!

I feel at my lowest in the mornings. It's almost like my daily battle is lost when I wake up and don't feel miraculously better.

Last night was a good night and I even managed to eat dinner for the first time in a while. However this morning I feel I'm back at the start all over again.

This daily battle with myself is really beginning to get hard, day 6 on fluoxetine. I know it takes longer then this to work but it feels like a very long time right now!

I hope everyone has as good a day as they can! Good luck everyone !


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6 Replies

  • Yes, I understand , mornings are hard for me too, especially when the house is silent. I slump back into a depressive mode, not wanting to get out of bed. Some days are better than others. I have to find the strength to leave the house, but I know I must. You will have to find the willpower to get up and get some sunshine, open the curtains, breathe some fresh air. I know it takes time, keep your head high.

  • I've given up on trying to understand my moods but mornings are Hell for me too. Sometimes I spend the whole forenoon sobbing my heart out. As a result I have swollen eyes and a sore head so going out is a nono. People would notice.As the day progresses I can find myself quite cheerful--even singing or laughing when appropriate. It seems that the crying does me good but it's exhausting while it's happening.

    Crying is a natural way to find release from what ails you. Let it all out . There is no benefit from holding it inside. Do you know the cause of your unhappiness? xx.

  • I don't really know what's causing it, sometimes it comes out of nowhere and I can't even think of what I'm upset about. Sometimes it's centred around my relationship, fear of losing it, fear of not feeling what I think I should. sometimes it feels like my head is going crazy! Although the anti depressants haven't started kicking in yet and I do have my good times, usually at night as well!

  • Hi The mornings are always the worst time of day for people with depression. The worst thing is staying in bed,try and get up and get busy. It can take weeks for the meds to work but slowly you will start to feel better. Don't stop taking them as they are like a miracle drug. I also always lose my appetite and nothing can tempt me to eat. I just make the most of every day when I am well as I know how horrible depression is. Keep saying to yourself ". It will pass" because it does. Let us know how you feel in a few weeks as we all care for each other from Lin x

  • Hi I think I can say that we are all on that same boat my morning period if you can call it morning is that this morning I woke up at 4am with a dodgy stomach again stress related went on the toilet then got in the spare bed again so I didn't wake the Boss or so she thinks don't tell her I said that tried to get back to sleep but couldn't all I did and do is think think think worrie worrie worrie about everything and to be honest I no that the stuff I think and worrie about is everyday tasks and easy things but when you are in that state getting out off bed can be like doing a marathon without training for it we all know it is very hard so I will keep saying to myself about fifty times a day I can do this I can do this been off work now going on six months started having therapy did my first one last week so open mind watch this space we are all a good set of people on this site we all care and some people even make sense Joke someone will respond to you and give you good advice I'm sure good luck

  • I think we are born worriers or non worriers. It annoys me when someone says there's no point in worrying or being anxious. Whether there is or is not a point in it is irrelevant. Only people who are born non worriers say this. It's mostly in the genes but also can be the result of long periods of stress--to a lesser extent. It's like the pain threshold: some have a high one and some have a low one. I'm a worrier just like my mother but I've also had long periods of high stress in my life so who knows what the answer is!!

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