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I feel like I'm loosing my mind

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Im not sure if i should be putting this on hear but hear we go...i moved house a couple of months ago,not far from where I use to live but it's really bad hear!!! My partner went out the other day and told some lad to stop throwing things near the house,this lad pulled a knife out,my partner came in but the lad said your house is getting terrorised then Friday night at 8 me and my 7 year old son went to bed and the next minute both my front Windows got smashed,obviously children so never experience something like that but I'm currently on a low and have been for a while now and with all this happening I feel like I'm in a war zone,I jump at any sound,I'm having panick attacks and I can't sleep incase they come through the door, I honestly think I'm having a breakdown with it all but can't afford to do anything about my mental health with all this going on

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That's terrible! So sorry to hear that you've got all this going on, no wonder it's affecting your mental health, we all need to feel safe in our own homes. With you saying that you can't afford to do anything about your mental health, it sounds like you maybe live in America?

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Angel533 in reply to tofler

Hi no I live in the uk,when I say a can't afford to do anything about my mental health I mean I can't afford to speak out about how I feel my mental health is at the moment for fear they may want to section me,I can't be sectioned my kids need their mum around,maybe I wouldn't get sectioned and I'm just being paranoid

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tofler in reply to Angel533

You would only be sectioned if you're a danger to yourself or other people.

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Hi Angel533, welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about this situation. As tafler said, we all need to feel safe in our own homes. I feel it would be wise for you to mention what has happened to your GP and then it will be documented as it is affecting your mental health. You will also be offered support. Also, police, the local council and Victim Support are able to provide support, as we have said, everyone is entitled to feel safe in their own homes. Also, please continue to post on this forum where others can provide support. Best wishes.

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tofler in reply to MAS_Nurse

Who's tafler?

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I will do that thankyou

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have you contacted the police yet.probably better if your partner stays away just incase if they carry weapons.if you tell your doctor how you are feeling then maybe they can write to the council how its affecting your family health.i would be demanding to move before it takes its toll.maybe get a big dog or even fake cameras around your property and even security lightening.thats terrible.

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I've watched tv programmes where people are being bullied and scared by neighbour(s). The best way to get help is to buy cctv camera off the internet and record what happens. Then take the film to the police. Stories tend to be dismissed unless you have hard proof. Good luck

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Things have calmed down as the lad who was doing all this has left the area as the police are looking for him for attempted murder as he apparently stabbed someone the week before but I'm still going to move because it's a bad area.

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Hi Angel533, sounds like you are understandably suffering from stress. If it continues or comes back please go and see your doctor and get some help, I think you are more likely to be sectioned if it carries on and you get worse and comes to a head. I'm glad you have calmed down but think it's worth a chat with the doctor anyway just in case you've gotten a bit depressed due to all the stress. Take care x

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Hi Angel533, I have only just seen your post but hope things have got better for you. How are you feeling now? Please don't worry about being sectioned as im also a parent with 2 kids and i thought the same but they will only section you if you are a danger to yourself or your kids which by the sounds of things your far from that. If you are still suffering please don't suffer on your own and visit your gp if you havent already and they can offer you support and even counselling. All the best

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Angel533 in reply to flimsymimsy

Hi thankyou, I still feel on edge all the time but I'm moving house soon and I think I'll be much happier there.

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flimsymimsy in reply to Angel533

Pleased to hear your moving house, I think anyone living in your situation would quite rightly feel anxious. Hope all goes well with the house move.

Just lately l am feeling so paranoid and feel if l am a big let down,try my best to move on have l can't feel l losing my mind,l know it's not a big thing to people but it's driving me crazy

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Angel533 in reply to

Try and keep your chin up,I'm 100% sure you're not a let down x

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