The Comforting Eating Thing

Demis Roussos you say!!! No it is 'I' Caroline.

So whats the answer, I get stressed, I eat, I seem unable to deny myself anything in this weather. Im working soooo hard at school and at home and I just reach for whats easiest. Fruit you say an apple, well yes but it's not just the apple, it's the biscuit and the tea and the apple and the chocolate....There are people starving in Africa!

I have been to the slimming clubs, I have denied myself but right now I cant seem to. Jenny Murray is having an elastic band! Im not quite there yet.

Anyone else feeling the pinch of tight

I feel the answer may lay in aversion therapy, does that even exist anymore?

I think even Pavlov's dog actually got the biscuit!

If I was Maria I'd become a nun right?

Cheers guys and gals xx


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14 Replies

  • I am the world's worst for comfort eating. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. I can't have one biscuit, I have to eat the whole packet. It's terrible!

  • Not that I want you to do this, but Im so glad I'm not alone....arrrggg....take the biscuits

    Thank you sooo much Lucy XXX

  • Hey hun im the same and the reason it's called comfort food is because you need the comfort !

    Things will look for you once your workload slows down a bit xx

  • Now Sue Im going to put this out there and ask what you think, if it wasnt called Comfort food, but Evil Death Inducing Food, would it put us off?


    Me: "Sarah have an evil death inducing chip...."

    You: "ewww no thank you...Im pro life"

    What do think? I suspect if I change the word 'chip' for 'chocolate biscuit' or 'cake' the response might be quite different?

    Thanks for the support Sue XX

  • Eat the biscuit, enjoy the biscuit. Feel happy you are not starving in Africa. Feel better. Then you will need less comfort. Job done.

  • Hi Finding me I totally agree with your reply. I think of people just enjoyed

    Their treat and stop feeling so guilty, then they would be less likely to eat even

    More treats.

    There is nothing wrong with treats, build them into a daily diet is best.

    Hannah x

  • Hannah my daily diet is the

    I dont feel guilty when I eat the stuff Im just getting fat and people tell me I shouldnt eat this stuff, oh not jus people I know but people on the telly the radio.

    I suppose what Im trying to say is my food consumption has little to do with being hungry and alot to do with stress.

    Years ago when I was uber busy I was too busy to eat, now Im busy (maybe not as busy, but busy never the less and I still eat!...grrr). Thing is its not like smoking or drinking where if you gave up it would be need food to live.

    Anyway thank you for your lovely reply as alway Hannah and I shall at some point fight the good fight, though unlike Maria I dont think I'll become a nun....thats hilarious I dont think they could stop me talking enough to induct me (are nuns inducted?! Surely they aren't induced! :-)



  • May I also bathe in the biscuit, in with the asses worked for Cleopatra.

    Thank you for the support Findingme, much appreciated.

    Can I just add NOT Garibaldis which we all know have dead flies in them ;-)


  • Snap. I have been thinking about joining a club. I even thought about starting to run and looked at a program. I'm just a lazy Cookie Monster. I eat anything, even orange peel. I love food. Oh well off to make pancakes tonight, after my veggie curry.

    Sarah xx

  • Sarah that's quite alarming we may be THE SAME PERSON!!! I have had pancakes and curry lately....ahhhhh.

    I wonder if the word 'club' was literal and you all went into a church hall where there were rubber mallets and banged each other on the head, if the metaphorical 'hammering common sense into someone' would work? Whilst working out any pent up stress!!...ha ha.

    Perhaps the cure is a rubber mallet?

    Thanks for the reply Sarah X

  • Ooh, I love veggie curry. Can I have your recipe pleeeeease?

  • *Caroline searches her pockets for the takeway number* ...hold on I've got it here

    BIG KISS FInging me... you're tops


  • I'm the same. Mindless eating. I've lost two stone and started comfort eating so now gained a few pounds. I know the right choices. I make the right choices and over eat with the healthy stuff too. I get hungry looking through cook books. I think about food all the time. I feel better slimmer, fitter, being satisfied rather than full. I know looking after myself shows I value myself but I want to rebel. There's no easy answer. Tomorrow is a new day.

  • Lindy no truer words spoken. Maybe the answer is somewhere outside the box? I just haven't figured it out yet, maybe being catapulted too mars and having to live of rice cakes and oranges is the answer? Yes, Yes I know some here think that would be a very good idea for

    Thing is i get into the run over the bus argument... you know ...may as well eat that cake I could be run over by a bus Although I convinced when I finally pop my clogs years from now it will be in some bazaar way as befits my 'Twilight' life.

    Sometimes I don wonder if I hadn't actually seeeen 'The Twilight Zone' would my life be different, but that door has already opened.

    Cake anyone :-)