The Day After (1st poem )

The plans have all been done

The verses were read through

Everyone had a say of exactly

What they thought of you

The cars and the people

All that came that day

To show the love they had for you

In a very special way

Now it is all over and everyone

has gone back home

Im stuck here in my loneliness

Sad and crying and all alone

They say that time is a healer

I hope what they say is true

Because right at this minute dell

I can't stand doing this without you

How strong and great I'm doing

That's all I seem to hear

They just can't seem to see

All the pain and hurt in here

I just go on day by day by day

And listen quietly at all they have to say

And then I smile so sweetly and thoughts are in my head

Didn't you really listen to what ive just said

So off to bed early

That's what I seem to do

But we know the real reason is

So I can dream of you

We are back in each others arms

As that's what we loved to do

Just a shame I have to wake up

And its always without you xx


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16 Replies

  • Champane that is so beautiful, I'm sorry for your loss.

    Take care xx

  • Thank you that was my 1st poem like write it cause no1 seemed to be listening to me how much I was hurting people just think you are a strong woman you will deal well with death xx

  • I think it's expected of us to just accept it,but not everyone is the same. It tears you apart. Xx

  • Yes and they think they know what it is like being me as they have lost someone but sorry 4 people in 5 mths 1 was my mum and then my partner of 25 yrs xx

  • That's beautifully written and poignant sweetie. I could identify. May I please share elsewhere. I'll give you credit obviously. 💗


  • Yes hun I don't mind just remember it has Dells name in the poem xx

  • Does that means "in memory of Dell's" please?

  • No title is

    The day after....

    Just because I wrote it about dells I wrote his name in the poem xx

  • Ok. Ta. <3

  • You like that 1 got a few more as well x

  • Yes please. Anytime you feel ready to post or pm them to me. Thanks a lot. <3

  • It has helped me sometimes to write them as they come from my heart as I write and however I am at that time xx

  • I am champane without the G lol xx

  • Sorry, thanks for letting me know. <3

  • Nice poem Champane!

    It's such a great way to release some emotion.

  • That is beautiful Champane, your poetry will help you heal xxxxxx