Struggled with the worse depression

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I'm just on here to let everyone here know I know how it is to battle with depression. I was at a point where I felt like no one even believed how I felt and like I was alone. Im a prideful man and caught myself crying alone many times. My relationship was horrible because I would just find reasons to argue it was like I thrived on conflict. I just want everyone here to know there is an answer. Please listen if you put your faith in Jesus Christ and feel his love and the love of a good church it can really help. I know we tend to shrug that answer off but I want yall to know it really helps. If anyone needs a person to talk to you can message me anytime. God Bless you.

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  • Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Depression is a horrible illness but here at least you know you are not alone. This is a very good site with lots of great people and I am sure others will be in soon .

    Oh because this is a public forum it is not a good idea to put your email address in as you do need to protect your privacy here. x

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  • Hi Cough.


  • If Jesus loved anyone, he wouldn't make them suffer. If he really had the power to turn water into wine, I'm sure he could rustle up a quick cure for cancer or something? Having a faith is just a chance to escape the harsh reality that life is well over rated. I'm gonna be a potato in my next life.

  • That's got to be better than a brussel sprout. X

  • Who invented Brussel Sprouts?

    Did someone just use a ray gun on a large cabbage and zap it down? And why do they smell sooo awful and give you the windys?

    I learnt when I was very young green things should be approached with caution!

    Is this man advocating the wilful use of Brussel Sprouts!?! Surely not :-)


  • Even the humble sprout is one of gods creatures. X

    It is one of the few green vegetables that my mother in law eats. Knowing her she made a smoothie with some. She once made a smoothie with onion and pickled beetroot adding the vinegar. Funnily she didn't like it.


  • I LIKE your mother in law do I get me onna dose (Mother in laws that is, NOT her smoothie :-) Whatta Gal X

  • Amen


  • Yeah Lucy I wish life was simple and we all have the faith of

    Gas par. Was it Marx who said " Religion is the opium of the masses"


  • Marx - Was he the one with the curly hair or the one with the tash and the cigar, I always get them mixed up :-)

  • No CarolineLondon,

    Harpo had the funny hair, the Marx Photogeek mentioned was less humorous - as far as I know!LOL.

  • Wasskly Waskle :-)

  • How many Marxists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None. The lightbulb contains the seeds of its own revolution. :-) x

  • Thank heavens for a sense of humour.

    Have a good weekend.

  • I gave it a try. Jesus that is. After 30 years you would think i would have chridtian friends (none). I have been hurt by these imperfect christians who think i am not good enough for their click. If Jesus wants us to have fellowship how do i do that by myself? You probably want to tell me to find another church. I have tried atound 10. I dont want to try any more. Jesus was not the answer for me.

  • You want to know whats 'funny'?

    Noone, except one person, has ever replied to any of my posts. Not just this site but others also.

    It reminds me of how i have been received by christians. So much alike. It is hurtful. Why did God make me. What am i doing wrong? Why am i repelling people? It cant be my looks cuz people here cant see me.

    Well noone will probably reply so i guess i am talking to myself again.

    If you do reply, its out of sympathy.

  • Hi Squirrel 2,

    I am not replying out of sympathy, I did have a strong faith, but lost it for a while, luckily I'm getting back to it. But I know what you mean and I know that a 'church' is not just God but the congregation also.

    People are imperfect and can be judgemental, it's very difficult to connect with family & friends re depression, never mind strangers.

    Also religion is a very personal thing. No disrespect to Blessedby3, but I don't believe preaching on this site is entirely appropriate.

    I firmly believe we can share our problems, vent, provide info on things we personally have found helpful. But just as no 2 people experience depression in the same way, no 2 people may find the same meds or coping strategies to be effective.

    Next time I'm here I will say hi. Take care.

  • hi squirrel, by it's very nature, many of the people on this site have depression. Many members may read your posts, but not feel they can, or want to, reply. It is nothing personal at all.

    I hope you will continue to post and share on here.



  • I agree, I have been a member of this site for about two months now but only just started posting. It's not that I'm shunning anyone when I don't post, it's mainly because my head isn't in the right place to sort my own life out, let alone help anyone else. And if I do reply, it's never out of sympathy. It can be quite hurtful to others,as well as to yourself to sat that people are only taking to you out of sympathy.

    I, like you, tried going to church, I went a few times where I used to live but never felt welcomed by the congregation. We moved and I kept saying to my husband (who isn't religious in the slightest), that is like to go to church. Well, we're both in the Navy (I'm just leaving it) so I went to the church at work. I took our children with me as well so that my eldest could see what it was like and then choose of he wanted to come back with me again. The congregation were lovely, they invited us for tea and biscuits afterwards and they even took my daughter and calmed her down when she was crying (they did ask lol). I went for several months but then life took over, ill children, work, it seemed like everything was working against me. But, I still go back when I can, each time I get invited for tea and biscuits, sometimes I'll go, sometimes I won't, it just depends how I feel. I don't think we can say that people ignore us on purpose, I think we sometimes just forget that everyone is living their own life and have their own battles going on. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to 'fit in'. And sometimes we just read situations differently.

    Well, I know I've just rambled and this probably doesn't make sense so I'll shut up now. Chin up lovely. Xx

  • Ive only just seen's, squirrel rascism the age old fight between red common all garden brown squirrels....just remember you are the special one AND dont accept bread of strangers :-) XX

  • Nice to meet you. Xx

  • Well done for posting. Work on this 'pride' issue and I think you will start to grow

    so much.

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