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Undescended Testis

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Hi. Am 31 of age with 1 undescended testicle at the left side of my groin. Early last yr I met a urologist for solution but the word he used "we'll make a try" so am afraid if it won't get worst after trial.

I feels mild pain and it rise as unusual sometimes. Though I feel ok during intercus and after.

What can I do? Am afraid it can result to something else after surgery. Am still a single man without a kid for now.

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You either need to have it removed or surgically stitched into your scrotum. Leaving it where it is may lead to it developing cancer in the future.

I have a friend born with one Testes and he has children so don't think you need to worry on that issue but the undesended issue does need to be resolved. Ask more questions of your Surgeon.

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Thanks for your strong hope!

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