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(Unsolved) ***HELP*** - Circumcision complication - Is this nomal? I have a bag underneeth the head of my penis. Is it part of foreskin?

Hi I am 21 and I had a circumcision on 09.02.18 (9 days ago).

I don't know what the sack area underneeth the head of my penis is. Please can someone help me?

I have seen a doctor about it and he said its just swollen and I'm taking anti-biotics now.

I can't pull down my foreskin due to being too afraid and because of pain.

I have some dried black blood and I am trying my best not to touch it and leave it.

Please check my previous post too for another picture.

Any ideas as to what it is and what I should do?

Thank you so much for spending your time to read this, the community on here is absolutely fantastic.

Looking forward to seeing some responses.

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Hi I’m 20 and I was Circumsised 3 days ago due to phimosis. To be honest I have the same thing, I have a large amount of swelling in the same area as you (by the frenulum). Other than that I don’t have much swelling elsewhere, I do have quite a lot of bruising on the shaft but I assume that’s normal. Have the anti-biotics helped you?


Hey, thanks for replying. I am relieved to know you have a similar situation to me, and I noticed some men on here have a similar situation too. Not sure if bruising is normal, though I did have some and when I have seen a doctor he hasn't said much of it so I think it's fairly normal/expected.

I have began taking anti-biotics 2 days ago and so far there is not much of a visible result, I'll continue taking them and hopefully they work, I would suggest you take some as well though.

Also, would you be okay with posting a picture of your penis on your post so that I can take a look at it? Just want to see how similar we are.



Hi Ren97,

icing is ok just remember to put something between the icepack and your skin like a tshirt or paper towel.

my entire penis was also very swollen! Its still swollen but now looking scary. So be forwarnd hahaha! i was putting globs of vaseline and a bandage daily but today was the first bandage free day. Was weird and feeling awful but somehow less uncomfortable than when i had a bandage on.


hi Ren97,

i was circumcized 9 days ago too.

penis is still swollen but a lot less as the first 48hrs.

have you been icing? i did the entire first week 15 mins on 15 mins off.

The swelling is normal and your penis will only start to look worse as it heals. Especially when you can start seeing cleary the stitches. I keep sending my doctor selfies of my penis everytime i think something looks wrong or off... but doctor keeps saying it looks normal. Don’t worry. Etc.. but its hard not to worry when there is little healing pictures of adult circs on the net.

i will post a link i found online. a guy posted all his healing stages online. His looks far worse as your and mine but in the end it healed pretty nice.

happy healing!

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here is the link i mentioned:



Hi bobby718,

Thanks a lot for your reply, it's reassuring to know many men are going through the same struggles.

I haven't been iceing as such, but my supportive girlfriend suggested well to try freezing an old t-shirt and apply the cooling of that around the penis where it is swollen. The cooling effect wears off quick however. And as a side note - Does applying coldness to the penis not do any damage to it? Haha, great story witb the selfies, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Would you mind posting one so I can see how yours looks like for comparrison?

Thanks for the link, I will take a look at it later. Good idea to snap a photo of your fella to see how he is progressing each day.

Happy healing to you too, let me know how you get on

Cheers, Ren

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That is a great link and if not the perfectest journey to watch! What I have been searching to find! Lol :)


Was circumcised last month and had the same swelling over the frenulum.

The entire "vessel" looks perfectly fine now, although that area hasn't healed 100% yet - the frenulum takes the longest.

Keep it clean and track the improvement in order to avoid any possible infection.

Good luck and quick recovery!


Thanks for responding, glad to know things are looking up to you! Are you able to pull your foreskin? And can you tell from my pics (from this post and prev post) if my frenlum has been removed or not?


Well I'm not able to pull my foreskin cuz there's nothing left lol it's a circumcision - it's all getting removed.

It's difficult to tell by your pic because it's all swollen but if it was a full circumcision, I believe the frenulum is gone.

The only thing that seems weird and unusual to me is that your entire penis is swollen and not mainly the frenulum and the stitches ring area, but don't freak out because each one has it's own body and individual way of healing.

Once again, just track the entire process and if something looks odd or hurts more than it should (you'll know), visit your doctor promptly.


how did you post a picture? i can’t seem to do that??


You can post pictures when you make a new post. Underneeth the text box there is a "Add Photo" field. Feel free to let me know when you make a new post so that I can see how you are getting on, hope that helps


You have a lot of oedema, which is causing swelling. The oedema may last month or more. When the oedema subsides, I think your penis will look more normal.


That is normal my Doctor told me she say it to do with healing process and that will go down i had that but went away after a few weeks


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