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am i healing fast? 11 days post circumcision


it just seems like that, even though i have the lumps in frenulum and around my penis i never feel pain when i get erect and i am just cool , my penis looks normal , no bleeding , been getting easier to touch the head day per day , and i have been hearing that it takes 1 month to heal , at least 4 weeks to masturbate and stuff like that but idk i just feel it is healing so fast i have masturbated twice yesterday and the day before yesterday and i thought i did wrong but nothing changed (i did it in my own way, i just held my penis from really down, lower than head and stiches of course, and i just did the movement, watched porn, and ejaculated and it was cool, i was really afraid but the next day no changes or anything) and the first 2 days after circumcision i thought it would get me 3-4 months to heal and i could not walk and stuff but now it is like everything has gone to the past i never feel any pain or stuff

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EDIT: When i said twice, i meant i masturbated once in Monday and once in Sunday, not twice each day.

stiches look to disolve and stuff and i thought it was because of erections but it just looks normal

I healed pretty quick too. Wanked from day 10 but did wait til 3wk 6days for full sex. And amazing it is now too!

Mpampasas in reply to Daz81

Νice, how much did you wanked from day 10 and then?

Daz81 in reply to Mpampasas

Most days if in honest. Since the op my sex drive has gone through the roof. I think it's cos before when I had sex it used to split and bleed for a week after and was very painful. Now it doesn't hurt I can't leave it alone. Mrs don't know what's hit her!

Mpampasas in reply to Daz81

haha nice

allstar1979 in reply to Daz81


By day 11 the erections will no longer hurt it’s only the first 3/4 days when erections hurt same for sensitivity your no super hero 😂 your healing at a pretty average rate like me and others have.

Mpampasas in reply to Ryanr

but do you beat the meat?

Nah I just get on my girl whenever I feel like it 👍

How did it look after healing? My skin sits around the head like yours does. Did it happen to retract further back around the head?

I just posted actually, it's only been 3 weeks and had sex last night. Feels pretty much completly healed. Other than my frenulum being a touch swollen still and a problem with my stitches which I had removed its been easy sailing.

Did you have a general or local anaesthetic for the op ?

How was the pain after it , when the anaesthetic wore off, and what meds did you have to deal with the pain ?

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