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Please give me information about my problem

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I have been suffering from left upper abdomen pain(under rib cage) for several months.And it radiate back,in previous duodenal ulcer was found in my stomach.

I did four tests as advised by the doctor.

Seum Lipase : 154 U/L Reference level : upto 68.0 U/L

Serum Amylase : 120.0 U/L RL : 28-100 u/l

Creatinine : 1.1

Serum SGOT : 27 RL : 5-45 u/l

Serum SGPT : 30 RF : 5-50 u/l

These are the ones I show to the doctor and the doctor says that all the reports are normal.

The doctor then advised me to do a CT scan,Stool for OBT and Stool for RE.

I did these all.

The result of OBT report was normal.

But in the stool RE, mucus, yeasts were present and pus cell was 4-5.Doctor says it normal and gave me some medications.Here doctor talked about IBS.but I gave the medications regularly.there's improvement.

The doctor later released me from the hospital.

But I still feel a tingling pain in left upper abdomen side.

And my closet is hard.

Occasionally there is nausea.

The pain of the left upper abdomen is not severe but it is uncomfortable.

And the pain is sometimes radiated in the lower abdomen.

And the pain is sometimes radiated in the lower abdomen.

But the amount is much less.

And I have not lost weight.

My doctor has always said that it is not something like serious.

But I am afraid and I cry. Can you tell me why this is happening to me?

Above mention informations was happened to me on August 2021.

Still I feel the pain upper abdomen,but the pain decreased a little.

But the new place of something like sharp biting pain or sometimes constant cramping pain in lower left abdomen is founded,and my bowel movement is hard.

My question,is it any gastrointestinal problem or something?is it serious, I'm long term suffer, I used to get very much tensed about my health condition.please help me giving information.

Thank you

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Your lipase and amylase were high. This would suggest pancreatitis.!

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