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Please help, burning pain behind my penis

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Hi there, please help any one. I have been for the last three weeks with a very bad burning pain at the back of my penis, lower abdomen, behind pelvic bone etc. I went to the Dr. He ordered blood work as per he thought it maybe STD or some sort of. Also he ordered ultrasound to see if there is a problem with the kidney, bladder or prostate. Today results came out and he says there is nothing wrong with you. But the burning paind continues. Once before I got something like this and they said it was UTI and with intibitics after a few days I was okay. My roommate gave me a week ago some penisciline as we thought it could be the same, but nothing is helping. Can someone help please?

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It sounds like prostatitis. It can be very tricky to diagnose. I would advice bacterial culture of your urine and your semen (obtained by masturbation in the most clean way, in order no to contaminate it with usual skin bacteria). If it is, I would suggest very long antibiotic treatments. I had chronic prostatitis for years, and the only way to fight it were long antibiotic treatments (even 90 days). Quinolonics are usually quite active, and can penetrate the prostate (not any antibiotic is able to enter the prostatic tissue). Another advice: take care of your intestine. Regular intestinal fuction helps, because sometimes bacteria from the rectum can invade the prostate probably through lymphatic vessels. So lactic ferments can help.


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Thank you very much Nick, everything helps.

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Sounds as if it might be a UTI as you said. Please don't ever take other people's medicine, however tempting and well-intentioned. Not only because it may well not be the right medicine for your condition, but secondly bear in mind that we are already in a world where some infections are now resistant to known antibiotics and unnecessary use of those we have will only make that situation worse.

I suggest you go back to your doctor and ask for a urine test and keep on pestering him/her until you get yourself well again.

Clearly if you are currently in a sexual relationship, abstain until you've got to the root of this problem and got it sorted.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your help sir. They did already urine test, STD, full blood work, the ultra sound to check the bladder, kidneys and prostate and according to them everything is okay. I have to mention though, when I get arousen the burning increases. I am single and I masturbate every day, since this started I haven't done so frequently. Last thursday I did it and when I cum, the burning pain went sky rock and lasted that bad for about 45 minutes. Then last sunday I did it again and it was not reaction. Thank you

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Hi Mike. Thanks for your reply. Can you confirm your last sentence. Are you saying that last Sunday you didn't get the burning pain when you orgasmed - or that you did?

Have you seen any signs of blood in either your urine or semen?

I'm just wondering (and I'm not medically trained) whether you may have had a very small kidney stone that you have passed when peeing, but which may have scratched your urethra on its way out?

Can I ask how old you are and until this started, were you having sex either regularly with an established partner or occasionally with various partners?

Obviously you don't want this to continue, so may I suggest that you maybe go to a sexual health clinic (I don't know where you live, but I imagine you could find one near to you and attend anonymously) or go back to your doctor and ask him/her to refer you to a urologist for a more in-depth investigation.

In the meantime, I imagine you'll be laying off masturbating if for no other reason than it's too painful.

Best wishes for a successful and speedy outcome.

Thanks for your reply again. Yes last Sunday as well as today after i ejaculated it was not a bad pain. Not blood nothing. Just semen and clear urine. I am single with not permanent partner, i am no very sexual active. And i am 48. Thank you again

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Thanks for responding so quickly, Mike.

As now you've had two ejaculations with no bad pain, perhaps whatever was the cause of your discomfort is now 'clearing up'?

Maybe in these circumstances, give it another week or so and see how it goes. If you're still experiencing discomfort, then go and seek more medical advice.

The only reason I asked about your partners was in case that could be a possible source of infection, but as you're not sexually active that would appear to rule out that idea.

Will you let us know how things go?

All good wishes.

Yes of course. Thank you again

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Thanks, Mike.

You're welcome.

I see you have not checked your semen for infection. I strongly advice you to. During my prostatitis my urine was always sterile, but my semen always infected. I know, it is a nuisance to ejaculate in a sterile tube/vase.... but, come on, you can do it once!

Hi every one. It is about 3 weeks since i piste ny request. The burning pain continues i have been twice in the hospial but no changed. Since in Canada they wouldn't do anything flse needed i flew to Mexico to this urology clinic they have done a deeper ultra sound a CT scan. Smen culture the whole bllod work. Urine test. Another prostatic tact. Xrays. Everything negative and the pain still there. Asthe burning pain is accompanied by a horrible tailbone i also saw a spine specialist who tdau discover unregular growth by my implants in my back L4-L5 and L5-S1 he will do a procedure to correct that and by doing that he says the pain in tailbone and buttocks will desapear. But he also says that, the pain is not related to the pelvic burning pain. Please anyone help! What else i could do?

He every one who replied to me for the above subject. Just some updates. it was more serious than I thought. The pain went so bad that I couldn't control it any more i was in the hospital. They did every single test and images as well as semen culture find everything absolutely normal. As the pain so out of control and involved also the tailbone, the urologist sent me then to a neurologist and he found almost 100% sure that the cause of the pain is the Pudendal nerve. He put me on 6 months treatment with Gabapentin 300mg. So far the pelvic pain has come down a lot, the tailbone still hurts, dr says it will settle have to be patient. Mean time I would appreciate if some one knows a bit about it what else I can do to help to take away the tailbone pain portion. Thank you

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Ronjbaker in reply to mikefenix

Any updates? After months of pain. With a lot doctors visits and multiple negative STD test. I believe I finally found what's wrong with me.

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