Painful Testicle and Back?

When I woke up a few days ago I had a pain in my left testicle and front upper area of testicle, pain in my left back (buttock area) and a pain lower middle back.

I had a planned visit to my urogolist on the same day, who thought the it maybe being caused by a cyst in my testicles and arranged an ultra sound scan for a later day and also suspected I may have an hernia after doing the cough test.

The pain was so bad that next day I had to go to my doctor who thought it maybe be epididymitis (infection in the testicle) I was given anti-biotics and pain killers which have had no effect in relieving the symptoms.

I believe that the problem maybe something to do with by back instead, after reading about similar problems by people with the same problem. I had epididymitis in the past and there was no lower back pain that I can recall.

Anyone experienced painful testicles and it was the result of a problem with the back?

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  • I do not think this compares with your problem but I was having pain in my testicles some years ago. At random times I experienced what I can only describe as being squeezed. The pain varied from slight to not being able to move !

    Dr's suspected hernia but I was never treated for this. However the job I was doing at that time required me to lift and stretch, not heavy weights but it was awkward. When this process changed the pain gradually decreased.

    So in this scenario back movement could have caused pain in the testes.

    Best Wishes

  • I had epididimitis with prostatitis. This made my testes pain, a senso of weight in the pelvis, but no pain in the back. Nick

  • If you think the problem is not caused by epididymitis, you can have a test again to find out the true cause. And you should tell you doctor the low effectiveness of the antibiotics and ask for a different one. Or you can see a different doctor. Commonly, epididymitis can be cured by a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill with good efficacy.

  • Is there a test for epididymitis? Usually I just get given antibiotics if the symptoms appear to be epididymitis..

  • Epididymitis diagnosis:

    A physical exam will be done by your physician, which may possibly reveal enlarged lymph nodes in your groin and an enlarged testicle on the impacted side. A rectal examination to check for prostate enlargement or tenderness and order blood and urine tests to check for infection along with other abnormalities perhaps will be done by your doctor.

    Other tests your doctor might order incorporate:

    Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening. This includes getting a sample of discharge from your urethra. Your doctor get the sample by inserting a narrow swab in to the finish of the penis, which can be then tested for the presence of bacteria or other infectious organisms. The result is usually employed to choose one of the most efficient antibiotics for treatment.

    Ultrasound imaging. This noninvasive test uses high-frequency sound waves to make pictures of structures inside the body and is utilized to rule out situations, which include twisting from the spermatic cord (testicular torsion) or possibly a testicular tumor. If your symptoms began with sudden, extreme discomfort along with other tests haven't been definitive, this test may possibly be used by your doctor.

    Nuclear scan with the testicles. Also utilized to rule out testicular torsion, this test requires injecting trace amounts of radioactive material into your bloodstream. Particular cameras then can detect regions inside your testicles that acquire significantly less blood flow, indicating torsion, or extra blood flow, supporting the diagnosis of epididymitis.

    You can ask your doctor to have a diagnosis for you.

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