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Mild pain behind testicles still persist, even after infection treatment what to do?


This is now 4 months of not knowing what is going on with me. Im 28y male. I came to doctor office with weird come and goes pain in testicles area. Nothing terrible, more unpleasant and i feel it mostly like of testicles. Sometimes pain moves to head of my penis. Also i have microscopic blood in my urine.

Anyway first doctor do ultrasound, endscopy, CT scan all clear. He send me home as healthy person. I didnt give up and visited another doc, he did swab for STD - result was ureaplasma. I taken 8 day course of antibiotics, now it is month after finished them. Two weeks after treatment i had urine analysis for ureaplasma done, all clear. Bt the weird pain is still here, also hidden blood in urine still persist. I seriously dont know what to do anymore have someone similiar symptoms? Im started being worried about cancer.

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Is it in your left testicle or right testicle?

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sometimes right one, sometimes left one, sometimes both, really no pattern here

I presume your tests for chlamydia and mycoplasma genitalium were clear ? We don't test for ureaplasma on the NHS in the UK as its role as an STI is unclear. I presume if they are giving you antibiotics for ureaplasma they are treating your partner if you have one ?

If you have had a CT scan of your pelvis, and its ok, you don't have cancer.

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ok.also i forgot to mention swelling around testicles. Also pain is moving but mostly it is around left one

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If you need medical advice, you will need to see a doctor.

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