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I think I'm gonna die!!!

Hello I'm 19 and recently I was checking my testicles and noticed my left felt a bit sore near the top and I kept feeling all round to see if I could find a lump but I couldn't afterwards the back of my testicles felt sore which went away after a few days now I've got a dull ache on and off in my groin and I'm really scared I have testicular cancer what should I do?!

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Hi - your concern and upset is totally understandable. 

Have you had a look at the information on[0]=im_field_tags%3A118#? This may give you a starting point but ultimately you should think about going to your GP for a check up. 

The great thing is you have addressed this early and you're taking action. 

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Well, the good news is Testicular Cancer normally doesn't hurt so it probably isn't cancer.  You should go get it checked though in case you have an infection or a vein is pinched but pain is a good thing when it comes to whether or not it is testicular cancer or not.

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See a doctor and get help. Good luck.


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