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So I just got cut. The procedure went really well and I’m home and all after only 4/5 hours! Still all bandaged but definitely happy I did it, now I’m ready for two weeks of hell haha. I had reasons for cutting it that I wanted done. Can everyone please stop bashing my decision, fair enough it isn’t what you would have done but it’s what I did, so please respect that. Will probably post weekly updates on here just to see how people think it will heal, but if you’re just going to come and shout at me and tell me I shouldn’t have done it don’t bother :)

(Also yes there’s tape on my dick so that’s why it looks weird, it’s to hold the gauze in place haha.

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Great decision buddy

Be prepared it won’t look pretty for a few weeks but it’s so worth it in the long run 👍

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Yeah I know, I just can’t wait till the whole healing process is over now! Haha., I’m happy with how it’s went so far tho :)

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Did you have a local or general?

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Welcome to the club buddy

Got dun 5 months ago, best decision ever

Your 1st cum will be eye popping, and sex is 100 times better 😜

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I’m really happy already that I did it!

Well done pal, forts 2 weeks hard af, you'll be worrying and thinking wtf should it be doing this haha it's better then having phimosis though

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Yeah I’m happy with my decision!☺️

Congratulations it looks good. Mine had plaster like that and for first few days I had to sit to pee or it sprayed all over

Thanks! I had to change my bandage this morning so it’s all fresh haha

I'm happy I did mine too. Congrats bud.

Well done, great decision. You will be very happy with the decision. I have never regretted it. Be patient keep it clean and dry. Do not use creams. And keep your hands off it for a while lol

It takes a while to look good, be patient. Lookout for any infection. If you get one act on it. I had a bit of antibiotic powder, no probs. Looking at the before, you needed this op. It will feel strange for a time but the glans gets used to it and less sensitive. But sex is a lot better. My wife loves it.

why should anyone bash you for getting it done, after all it's your dick and your a adult, so free to do what you want with it.

Looks like a nice dick, what's that just under your thumb

Exactly! Thanks tho- it’s just where the tape was so it’s pulled some of the skin up!

Just curious why had had it done. Are you American?

He’s not American I don’t think. His 8 is my 8 so probably British.

Nope I’m from the UK, and I had bad phimosis and it meant that the sensitivity was too much any time the head was exposed and it was really painful,so sex just was never an enjoyable option. I got it removed for that, plus I think it looks a lot nicer!

Each to their own with looks I guess, I could never see how anyone could think it looks nicer.

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