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Post circumcision


Hello, I’m 15 years old. I got circumcised 4 days ago and am about to take on day 5. I have been able to sleep fine and wear boxers, but walked without hunching over is tough. Basically my question is, I am having troubles peeing. When I go to pee I feel it coming then it like there is no hole, it just gets blocked. Then slowly it will shoot out. This is obviously extremely painful. Feels like my penis is about to explode. Wondering if this is normal or if it’s just the swelling. Please get back asap.

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Hello there.

Having trouble peeing might be caused by the swelling itself. Usually the worst swelling goes away after a week or two. If the swelling is really bad, try to use ice on it ( covered in a towel though don't put the ice directly on your skin) or a bag of frozen peas.

If that does not help, you could potentially try a warm bath which will help you relax and release urine easier, but do not stay in the bath for longer than a few minutes, if it doesn't help relax quickly and release urine then get out as you don't want to get the stitches wet.

Also try to check if you don't have any residual blood or "crust" on your pee hole that could block the peeing. Usually a circumcision should not really cause painful peeing but everyone can react differently.

Maybe if you were a little more specific to as what the pain is (during peeing, before peeing, feeling like you're filling up, or pain when trying to stop peeing).


Thanks you, that was very helpful. The pain is a stinging pain, at the very tip. It hurts only sometimes. This morning I peed and it was fine. But as the day progresses it gets worse. It feels like the pee won’t come out and when it does it burns and stings. I took maybe a 10-15 minute bath2 days ago, I didn’t realize I should not bathe for that long.


I did not have a burning sensation or pain at the tip of the penis issue, my issue was just under the head, where the swelling would cause minor pain when contracting (sometimes you shoot out pee faster or when you're close to stopping peeing your muscles there contract to "shoot out the rest") and that was slightly painful for me for a while.

As I said, try to "clean" your pee hole with a q-tip (its those little cotton sticks with which you clean your ears) to make sure there is no crust on it. Another thing that might be the issue is some form of irritation of the tip of the head, only thing that comes to mind that could cause the burning sensation (as for the no pee coming, it could be the swelling).

If you are concerned contact the doctor and tell him that you have that issue and be as specific as possible as some peeing issues are normal after circumcision I personally have not experienced the burning sensation that you have described so I cannot say.

Good luck.


Ok that was helpful, thanks!


I occasionally go to pee (4weeks in) and I feel like it should be coming out but there will be a 2-4 second delay which is a very strange feeling. Still quite swollen though due to having BXO and a bad skin adhesion so assuming it'll settle when the swelling does.

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I got my circumcision recently and i faced it too. Its just because of the swelling. Dont worry its normal and will reduce and vanish in some weeks. No need to use anything over it. Just keep taking your medicines on time and resting will help. Do not touch or fidgit with it. It will heal with time.


As stated above it could be still swollen I found myself in the same situation when I was circumcised I lost count of how many times I urinated over the floor as my flow wouldn’t come out in a straight line.

Just sit back and give it another week and take ibuprofen to help with the swelling if it hasn’t settled by then go and see your doctor.


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